Height Safety:  Benefits of Roof Walkway Systems

If you work at heights or have workers who do the work at considerable heights, height safety should be of utmost importance to you. A routine work task can turn fatal if height safety measures are not stringently followed. Accidental deaths due to falls are most common in building and repair industries. It is your duty to protect your employees from fall and take all height safety measures that you can.

Listed Below Are The Few Safety Tips To Ensure Height Safety:

  • Make use of personal fall arrest systems like safety harness and safety belts. Choose the right system and look up its functionality before purchase. Make sure your harness or belts are properly fitted and in their best condition. Before you make a purchase, assess your working conditions and the task that is to be completed. Purchase what you think will ensure maximum protection. If a fall occurs, the safety harness provides all-around body protection and keeps the worker in an upright position.
  • Always get your equipment thoroughly inspected by a competent person to avoid any unforeseen hazards. Users should also inspect their personal fall arrest systems before use. They should be taught how to inspect and what to look for.
  • Create wall or safety barriers around the edges to ensure that height safety is maintained and workers can work in peace, without constant fear.
  • Install guardrails wherever a fall is likely to occur. If the roof isn’t big enough, safety harnesses will suffice.

Roof Walkway Systems: A Brief Overview

Roof Walkway Systems are designed to ensure workers get protection from falls and trips around service equipment and roof edges. Roof Walkway Systems include handrails, open mesh flooring made from steel, kick-plates, etc. Listed below are a few key benefits of these walkway systems:

  • They distribute the weight evenly on the roof, thus making sure no point on the roof is particularly exposed to pressure. Roof damage is thus minimized and the longevity of your roof is increased substantially.
  • Roof walkway systems provide the workers with a non-slip surface and thereby, solid footing. They should be durable and sturdy, designed to tolerate heavy foot traffic.
  • Additionally, roof walkway systems should be non-corrosive and be able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. They are thus highly resistant and efficient.
  • Along with handrails, roof walkway systems provide maximum protection to workers for safe roof access. It is important to remember that the roof walkway system that is installed is light-weight and can be easily cleaned.
  • The biggest benefit of roof walkway systems is that they are customizable and you can get one customised depending on your roof type and work requirement. There are separate roof walkway systems for different types of roof. All of them are quick and easy to install.

Working on a roof is a dangerous task. Proper height safety measures should be taken to give maximum protection to workers and for the work to get completed on time. Workers should additionally be trained so they understand how to use safety equipment and avoid hazards.

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