Can you fix your own roof?

Can you fix your own roof?

Your roof may seem to have a tiny leak. There may be a few crumbling asphalt shingles. All this may seem to be easy for you to fix yourself. You can have easy access to all the tools and supplies from the local store. No matter how simple a roof repair may seem to be, it is best to leave this job to licensed, certified, and well-trained professionals.

Here are the key reasons why you should not attempt fixing the roof yourself.

1. Increased Risk of Injury

Working with a roof is more dangerous than fixing a fence or any other structure at the ground level. Any missteps can mean serious injuries. Even if you are working 10 feet away from the ground, a fall can mean broken bones or head injuries. If you feel safe while working at heights, you are really not safe. A tiny slip is all that takes to turn your world upside down.

You have not undergone the type and level of training that professional roof installers have completed. Besides, you do not have the same level of experience working at heights.

2. Risk of Causing Long-Term Damage

As a non-professional, you are more likely to work in your intuitions when fixing a roof. The result can be an improper fix with missing or leaking shingles. Some of the other damages that you may cause unknowingly can include:

  • The underlying insulation can get damaged, thus shooting up your utility bills
  • Your work may erode the shingles, causing the warranty to be invalidated

Any damage caused will increase your roof repair bill than it would have been if you called the expert in the beginning. You may cause further damage or worsen the existing problem. Lack of experience is a big impediment to a DIY roof job. You may reattach a missing shingle and things may look well. But how can you be certain that the original problem has been fixed?

3. You May Lose the Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a warranty on their roofing products only if the installation and repair work has been carried out by licensed and certified technicians. This ensures that all the steps have been taken in accordance with proper guidelines. If you damage the materials while fixing them, you are highly likely to void the warranty.

4. Failure to Claim Insurance

Typically a homeowner insurance policy covers repairs when the damages are caused by nature. If the damage is caused by you, the insurer may not pay for the repairs or replacement. In fact, if your insurer learns that you attempted to fix your roof, without having any license to operate, your policy may get canceled.

5. Wasting Time

You do not have the training, equipment, and expertise of professional roofing contractors. From inspecting the roof to doing the job, you are going to take much more time than the experts. A roof repair job that may take just 2 days for a certified technician to complete can take you several weeks to finish. Besides, any damages caused by you can mean more wastage of time and money.The only thing you will not be spending money on will be labor. A team of licensed roofing experts can complete the job quickly and efficiently. The amount of money you spend on the repair work will go towards preventing all the costs and wastage listed above. You will not have to deal with any potential damages and major repairs. So if you have a roof repair job, it is best to get it done right the first time. Get professional help and save yourself time, effort, and money.

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