Signs That Your Household Needs a Plumber

We can all agree that water is essential for our everyday lives. Apart from drinking it, we use it in baths, sinks, toilets, showers, and appliances daily.

That is the main reason why it should be safe because even though we need it for hygiene and function, it can lead to devastating issues, including leakage, structural damage, among other things.

Similarly, as with air conditioner installation services, you need to find the proper plumbing service so that you can reduce expenses that may come with capital issues.

We decided to present to you the common signs that you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

1.Strange Sounds in Pipes

You should have in mind that as soon as you hear a knocking sound in pipes when the sink is running or during a shower, it means that you have a problem.

Numerous things can cause this particular problem, such as water hammer or the pressure inefficiency that can lead to severe issues. At the same time, loose support straps, loose valves in the piping as well as water pressure larger than 60 PSI can lead to damage.

Over time, this may cause your pipes to shift and jerk in place, and if you do not act as soon as possible, this problem could cause leaking and other issues that will affect your household.

2.Lousy Water Pressure

In case you turn on your shower or tap to its full capacity, and the water is steadily coming out, it means that you have a problem. At the same time, this problem could lead to slow dripping or lack of water, which means that you should check for clogs.

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The best way to do it is to tie the plastic bag filled with vinegar over the head of the faucet for a few hours, and you will be able to solve the problem. If the issue is not in clogging or if debris is large, you need to call a professional to use proper equipment to release the air and dirt.

Another reason for low pressure could happen due to faulty water heater, clogs in pipelines, or burst pipes that are leaking behind the walls. These issues could lead to horrible consequences, which is why you should find professional help.

3.Constant Dripping

If you have a high water pressure or if the shower or sink continues to drip when you turn the water off, it means that your tap is not draining correctly. Apart from that, the problem could be that valves are broken, which means that you need to find a plumber.

Remember that these issues could cause permanent damage to your piping, so if you leave it untreated, it may lead to water damage to your household.

4.Lack of Drainage

If you leave the water to drain and it requires plenty of time, you will be able to fix this issue by using commercial cleaners, pipe snake, or boiling water. However, these are quick fixes reserved for small clogs.

In case these three DIY steps do not work, it means that your plumbing is clogged or broken. You may have a burst pipe or faulty main drain that features dirt and debris.

Remember that consuming and using this water can lead to health risks, while broken pipes can cause leakage and horrible mold, which will be more expensive to fix than minor repairs.

5.You Do Not Have Hot Water

If your boiler or water heater is working at maximum capacity since you need large quantities of hot water that could lead to internal damages. On the other hand, if the heater is working and everything you get is cold water, it means that you should find professional help.

In most cases, this particular problem is due to a faulty water heater, but apart from that, you may have issues with leakage or damaged pipes, which is something that you should handle immediately.

6.Colored Water

It happens in old houses that when you turn on the water, you see a rainbow of colors. It is the indication that you have a problem. If the water comes out cloudy or white, it means that you have air stuck in your pipes.

On the other hand, yellow, red, or brown water means that your pipes are rusty, which is a common problem in old households.

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You can also see green water, which means that the copper plumbing has corroded, while blue water means that the corrosion has reached a maximum and that you have to change the entire piping system.

In all situations, if you notice signs of unusual colors of water, those are signs that you have a severe issue that could be harmful to both your family and household.

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