Thinking about your first interior design project? Well, don’t start just yet. Read these top 5 tips first!

Pick Your Centerpiece

What’s the first thing you want people to say when they see your new design? Or, more importantly, how do you want to feel every time you step into that room? If you want the living room to become the secure, comfy center of your house, then how about an authentic fireplace? After all, there’s nothing like the glow of a log fire to create that warm glow we associate with home especially if it’s a wood furniture theme.  Or maybe it’s the kitchen you’re working on, so how about a large, beautiful dining table that brings the whole family together?

Think about scale

Keeping everything to scale is vital for any successful design project. A room that’s out of proportion looks clunky and uncomfortable. It also impacts functionality. For example, mirrors make a room look bigger, but too many can be distracting or disorientating. And getting the scaling right will sometimes involve making some painful sacrifices. I mean, you might love that giant, HD flat-screen TV, but does it fit with the rustic vibe? Probably not!

Make it your own

Remember, interior design isn’t about impressing your friends or latching onto the latest trends. Instead, an authentic design should be an expression of who you are, what you love, and what kind of space you want to live in. A stark, minimalistic look might look pretty cool at first. But if you’re the kind of person who hates tidying up every few hours, you’ll soon get fed up with living in something that resembles a modern art gallery. Go for a more homely look, instead. Incorporate your habits into the room, let them be part of its unique charm.

Come up with a color scheme

There’s more to a color scheme than merely picking the right paint. If your room is going to come together, you need to think about everything. Furniture, fabrics, curtains, cushions, and even the skirting board – everything needs to match or complement each other. Again, understanding the function of the room is vital for finding the perfect color scheme. So think of oranges and yellows for a child’s playroom. Deep brown works great for a relaxing living room, and neutral greys and blues are perfect for a home office.

Pick the right furniture

There’s no point putting your heart and soul into a design project and then scrimping on the most important part – the furniture. This is the stuff you sleep on, eat off, and relax in. I mean, what’s the point of having a snug-looking bedroom if the actual bed is uncomfortable and likely to break within a few months?

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