How To Pack For A Summer Move

It’s been a strange spring across the country, that’s for sure. Unusually chilly weather is keeping Southern Ontario nippy, while Ottawa and Montreal are dealing with extreme flooding situations. Though it may not feel like it in most of Canada, summer is coming, and summer is the best season to move.

It’s also the busiest. Nearly 65% of all moves are made between May and September, due partly to the weather we expect during those months. The climate is finally cooperative with no snow or ice that could create dangerous conditions. School is out, so families with children don’t have to worry about missing classes. The days are longer and warmer, so we don’t mind spending some time outdoors loading the trucks. It’s why on July 1, Quebec celebrates Moving Day in tandem with the nation’s birthday. The streets in Montreal will be especially busy considering it’s the country’s big 1-5-0 this year!

In Toronto, moving doesn’t have its own day, so you’re free to celebrate Canada Day on your own terms. Maybe you intend on using your Parks Canada Discovery Pass, or maybe you are planning on moving! Whether you choose to hire one of the moving companies Toronto residents trust or you plan on doing the move on your own, packing must be done. To be absolutely candid, hiring an experienced moving company to help you at this stage is worth their cost. They send out experienced and highly trained individuals who know how to pack to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in your move. They also come equipped with the highest quality packing materials to make sure your belongings make it in one piece at your new home.

Toronto, like Montreal, is an expensive city, so don’t worry if the cost of rent means you can’t hire moving services. Consider the following a guide to relatively effortless packing for a summer move.

  • Downsize as you pack: If we’ve lived in one apartment or house for a long time, we tend to fill every corner, cupboard, and closet with extra stuff we don’t necessarily need. Eliminate any object that’s a duplicate of one you already own, anything that’s broken, or anything that you don’t use regularly. Use this guide to find charities near you that will take you 2nd hand items, or you can use sites like Kijiji or Craigslist to sell them.
  • Stay hydrated: It can get hot during the summer, especially if you’re preparing heavier items for the big day. Keep a glass of water near you and remember to eat as you go.
  • Use appropriate packing materials: There are lot more options than the boxes you find at the LCBO. A whole catalogue of materials has been created in order to make moving as simple as possible. Take advantage of what’s available, like wardrobe boxes to pack clothes and furniture covers to protect wooden tables and chairs.
  • Start early: No one wants to pack by the ticking of the clock, so tackle the parts of your home you don’t use regularly far out from the date of your move. Box up those items you won’t miss for a few weeks or even a month at a time, so you don’t have to worry about them the day before you expect to leave your home.

Can you think of any more tips that could help alleviate the strain your move places on you this summer? Let us know. We’re always on the lookout for more great tips that could help others.

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