Service Annually

It is recommended that you get your boiler serviced on an annual basis. Boiler servicing done by a professional ensures not only your boiler is running efficiently, but it also helps protect your family. A broken, leaky boiler could pose a health risk to those living within the home.

Part of the Warranty

Many new appliances come with a warranty. Whether it be for complete replacement or parts and services, the warranty is there to help you in case the appliance quits working. Many times, the manufacturer warranty stipulates you must maintain servicing on a regular basis. Failing to follow this could result in a loss of valuable warranty.

Keep Your Family Healthy and Safe

A faulty boiler can cause a lot of harm to you and your family.

If you have a fuel-burning appliance, most likely there will be carbon monoxide involved. This toxic gas is dangerous and can be deadly. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, making it very difficult to tell it is in your home.

If a boiler breaks down or springs a leak, your house could end up being exposed to carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance and servicing can help ensure the boiler is safely combusting fuel, and lower the chance of it having a carbon monoxide leak.


Preventative Measures Saves Money

One of the things annual servicing provides is preventing problems arising in the future. A professional could notice an issue with your boiler long before it becomes an actual problem. In the end, this can save you a lot of money. The money you spend servicing your boiler would be minimal compared to repairing or replacing a broken boiler.

No Waiting in the Cold

Imagine you flick on the furnace at the start of winter and nothing happens. Your house is cold, and there is no hot water. You call for a repair, and they say there will be a wait due to other households in the same situation. Now you are waiting in a chilly home until it’s your turn.

Avoid this situation by getting your boiler annually serviced. You won’t have to sit in the cold waiting for your boiler to get fixed. The emergency or holiday fund remains intact because you do not have to purchase a brand new boiler.

Stay warm this winter and avoid having to break the bank to pay for a new boiler. Schedule annual services to ensure your warranty remains active, you prevent any further issues down the road, and your family stays warm and healthy all year long.