Top 8 Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware You cannot afford to miss them

Top 8 Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware You cannot afford to miss them

Cast iron cooking has replaced cooking in stainless-steel, aluminum, and Teflon-coated nonstick pans. So, if you’re planning to sell off your grandma’s old cast iron pan, hold on! There are several advantages of cast iron cooking that you may not be aware of. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 8 benefits of cast iron cooking and introduce you to the best cast iron cookware brand on the market. Read on to know more. For all you know, you might just fall in love with cast iron cooking!

8 benefits of cast iron cooking you must know

Let’s look at 8 reasons why cast iron cooking is the new trend.

Cast iron cookware is safer than other cookware

Research shows that aluminum cookware is bad for health as the aluminum metal reacts with your food and gets absorbed in it. These aluminum deposits in food can reach the brain and lead to Alzheimer’s. Teflon-coated nonstick pans get damaged easily by high heat and hence it is not advisable to use them once the nonstick coating is damaged. Stainless steel cookware does not get heated evenly leaving hot spots on food. So, all in all, cast iron cookware are perfect for cooking on low to high heat. Even though iron can react with your food, the seasoning acts as a blockade between the metal and your food. So, cast iron cooking is safe from a health perspective.

Cast iron cookware is durable and sturdy

Cast iron cookware is heavy and sturdy. Even though the cast iron pans and skillets can get rusted if left unused, they remain durable for years together. You’ll be surprised to know that cast iron cookware passes through 2-3 generations. The seasoning makes the cast iron pans more tough and resistant to wear and tear. However, make sure you don’t scrub the surface very hard to avoid damaging the seasoning.

Cast iron cookware requires less oil

Yes, you’ve read that right. Cast iron cooking requires very less oil as opposed to stainless steel and aluminum cookware. Even a thin layer of oil that is uniformly distributed on the cast iron pan can effectively cook food. All you need to do is first heat the pan thoroughly and then coat the seasoned surface with a thin layer of oil.

Cast iron cookware comes with nonstick properties

When seasoned well, cast iron cookware can be used as nonstick cookware. Seasoning the surface of cast iron cookware with natural fat or oil can build up a nonstick surface without using any synthetic materials such as Teflon. These days, several seasoned cast iron pans are available on the market. Another great news about cast iron cooking is that the nonstick properties or the seasoning properties of the cookware enhance with age.

Cast iron cookware allows you to cook on a high heat setting

This is one of the most significant advantages of cast iron cooking. You can heat cast iron cookware as much as you want without the fear of damaging the product. This makes cast iron cookware suitable for shallow frying purposes, sautéing food, and searing.

Cast iron cookware keeps food warm for longer periods

Once preheated properly, cast iron cooking results in evenly cooked food that remains warm for extended periods. Once the cast iron cookware heats up evenly, the food gets cooked thoroughly without any hot spots. So, there’re no chances of burning your food. A cast iron pan can even cook food that is several inches above its seasoned surface.

Cast iron cookware is easy to maintain

You don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your cast iron cookware, just focus on cast iron cooking. All you need to do is follow a simple three step process – wash, dry, and oil the surface. Cast iron cookware can easily keep up with rough use, metal spatulas, ladles, etc. Cast iron cookware does not get damaged if you wash it with hot water. As much as possible, avoid using chemical detergents to clean the cast iron pans, skillets, etc.

Cast iron cookware is affordable and value for money

You’ll be delighted to know that even the premium quality cast iron cookware is inexpensive and cheaper than stainless steel utensils. They’re value for money and get better with continued use.

The best cast iron cooking apparatus on the market

After learning the advantages of cast iron cooking and cast-iron cookware, we spanned the reviews and ratings of a plethora of cast iron cooking products. A week’s research ended on a good note, and we finally found the best-selling cast iron cookware brand on the market – Velosan.

Velosan cast iron cookware is superior-quality and all the products are pre-seasoned with a layer of natural fat. Their brand celebrated its 120th anniversary on January 28th, 2018. They also won the “Kitchen Habitat” 2017 “Annual Life Aesthetics Award.”

So, what do you think about cast iron cooking?

Now that you know so many advantages of cast iron cooking and cast iron cookware, why don’t you try them too? We’ve already written about the best cast iron cooking range on the market. All you need to do is visit Velosan’s official website and place your order. Have more questions? Let us know; we’re here to help you!

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