Reasons To Include A Kitchen Island In Your Kitchen Design

Reasons To Include A Kitchen Island In Your Kitchen Design

When planning a kitchen northampton design, there are two things that clients always want. One is the work surface space and storage and having a kitchen island is the best way of adding both of these necessities to the ro

If you have a kitchen island, you can also enjoy its additional benefits as it is a great area for entertainment and spending time with family and friends. You can always incorporate a little seating at one end of the island, which could create a great spot for casual dining, grabbing a quick breakfast, relaxing and for kids to do their homework.

More than a work surface and kitchen storage

Most designer make a mistake by thinking that a kitchen island is nothing but an extra work surface that has some storage space underneath. However, that’s not how an expert or professional would view the use of a kitchen island. In fact, by incorporating some creative planning, a kitchen island can be home to some of the most essential elements of your kitchen.

If worked out properly, a kitchen island could even be a part of the kitchen work triangle – which is the sink, the cooker or a fridge, all these could work well in the space. This gives you more design flexibility and a more efficient area for preparing your meals.

Is there enough space for an island in your kitchen?

The best thing about kitchen island is that every kitchen can have it, but all it takes is some careful planning. However, there are some kitchen spaces that are too small to incorporate an island and thus cannot benefit from it.

Usually, the galley kitchen designs are ones that have to go with a kitchen island. This is mainly because of their narrow shape, they often don’t have enough space to add an island.

But if you always wanted a kitchen island and space is a restriction, then maybe having a kitchen peninsula can be a better option. On the other hand, you can also consider a piece of portable furniture, such as a rolling butcher’s block, which can be moved into the centre of the room whenever necessary. Another option is to build a pass through window that opens out in the dining room or your living room.

Top tips for designing your kitchen island

Once you discover that a kitchen island is achievable in your kitchen space and is exactly what your kitchen needs, it is time for you to start planning. Following are things that you need to take into consideration while designing your kitchen space.

1: Do not make it too small

If you make your kitchen island too small, it may not be as useful as you initially thought it would be. Moreover, it will start feeling as if it is in the way instead of making your workflow better in the kitchen.

2: Do not make it too big

Apart from making the kitchen island too small, you even have to make sure that it is not too big. It will cause problems. While designing, make sure you have enough space to move around the island. Keep in mind that it does not get in the way of your kitchen work triangle, and that it is not blocking things such as over door from opening.

3: Have plenty of light

Since the kitchen island is in the middle of the room, it gets little to no exposure to natural lighting. Hence, it is your responsibility while designing that there is plenty of light directed at the work surface. Alternatively, you can install roof lighting above the kitchen island depending on the layout of your kitchen and home.

4: Power up

If you plan to place your kitchen appliances such as over and toaster on your kitchen island, then you will have to make sure the required wiring is run into the middle of the room. However, even if your kitchen island does not display any kitchen appliances, it is always better to have an extra available electric supply in case you want to plug in something such as blender or hand mixer.

5: Have fun

Be bold and do not be afraid of making a statement with your kitchen island – since it is the centre of attraction in your kitchen. We suggest you to try some contrasting colours or go for a high-gloss look to make sure that kitchen island stands out.

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