How to clean your kitchen tiles in the right manner?

How to clean your kitchen tiles in the right manner?

It is well known that the kitchen is the most important place in a house. It is the place where we cook, clean and prepare food for the entire family. It is necessary to keep the kitchen tiles clean and neat. If not, it can cause various health issues to the family members. It comes across constant grit, mud, spills, and dirt both from outside and within the house. It also attracts scrapes and stains that spoils the entire kitchen floor. If you are looking to maintain your kitchen tiles in a new and clean manner, you need to read the following tips that would help you in a long way.

Things you should know before starting to clean the kitchen tiles

Sweep and mop the floor on a daily basis: It is important to vacuum and sweep the kitchen tiles every day. This way, you can maintain a clean and neat kitchen. Moreover, it helps in making a deep cleaning process simple.  Remember to sweep the entire kitchen before starting to mop. There are chances for loose dirt to convert into the hard matter when it is soaked in water.

Replace the broken tiles: If you see any tiles broken or damaged, ensure to buy the best quality kitchen tiles available in your town and replace it as early as possible. Some people ignore the damages and end up paying a hefty sum for major damages and repairs. It is best to treat the damage when it is small.

Clean up the mess or spills immediately: It is common to see mess and spills in the kitchen area. Whenever it occurs, ensure to take action immediately. Cleaning up immediately is the best way to avoid stains.

Use high-quality disinfectant: Since a lot of activities takes place in the kitchen, it remains a favourite spot for bacteria and germs. Ensure to use disinfectant so that you do not harm the pets in your house.

Use two mops: By using two mops, you can easily clean fast and efficient.

How often you should clean the tile floors?

If you want to keep the kitchen tiles residue free and clean, you have to follow certain regular cleaning schedule that includes wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning: Sweep or vacuum frequently or whenever you feel or see debris in the kitchen. It is best to use a soft bristle vacuum accessory on the tile floors. It may remain difficult to fit inside tight or corner spaces. Ensure to use the dustpan and hand broom to complete the job.

Wet clean: Flooring installation professionals recommend to mop the kitchen tile floors at least twice in a week and bathroom tile floors once in a week. Spend sufficient time to clean the grout whenever it appears dirty or once in a few months.

If you have installed natural stone tile in your kitchens such as marble, granite or slate, you should not use the traditional cleaners as the chemicals can affect the surface. It is best to clean the stone tiles using cleaners that are manufactured specially for natural stone.

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