There are tiles of different roof repair materials and with different purposes. At the end of the day, you choose how to protect the roof of your house any way you like. But just like any other material, these are subject to wear due to time, falling objects, temperatures, and other factors. If you want to do Roof Replacement, it is important to know that it is often easier to replace the damaged parts than seal the ones that already exist, and there are several ways to do it.

Folding Staircase

You will not want to walk on the tiles because your weight may crack and further damage. If the repair is out of reach and if you are forced to move up the roof, it is strongly suggested that you use a folding ladder with rubber feet. Support it along the edge of the roof, at the same angle as the roof. In this way, the ladder will spread its weight out through the rubber supports across various areas, rather than focusing the weight on individual tiles.

Clear Well Area

First, you should start by cleaning the damaged area to ensure that the material to be used for repair will seal and grip properly. For best results, use water mixed with detergent to remove any dirt and debris, allowing it to dry for 24 hours before repairing. Any residual water will prevent the material from binding. Have some patience for this step as it is very important.

Seal with Silicone

Silicone is the one that offers greater durability and fidelity, being ideal for use in materials exposed to the outdoors. Apply directly on top of the cracked area and press into the slot with your finger or a spatula, thus filling the void. A lot of attention is needed in this step, as you cannot take too much silicone or very irregularly, because in this case, it may eventually rise and re-pour inwards.

Cement Repair

The type of cement for repairs can be found in the vast majority of specialty stores and can be used in roofing tiles. Like silicone tubes, this also comes standard in tubes and can be applied directly on the slit. Then, properly fill the slot with a spatula or your finger. Just as you would with silicone, you will also need to clean the tile surface immediately.

How to Replace a Tile

To replace a broken tile, you will need a replacement tile and 2 flat bars. The first step is to slide the flat bar under the top tile. Gently lift the tile, and slide the second bar under the tile on the left side of the tile to be replaced. Then remove the split tile. Then slide the replacement tile into the same location ensuring that it sits properly behind the underlying tiles.