How To Choose a Good Home

1. Wall Treatments
Sure, you’ve probably heard of window treatments, but consider how you’d like to treat the walls.

home-interior-area-rug-artworkPaint is always great because it sets a great canvas and the template for the rest of the room. Consider adding a fun statement wall in a vivacious color. If you have the patience, try stenciling a pattern on one of the walls to create a hand-painted effect.

2. Area Rugs
The right area rug serves a similar purpose as paint on the wall in that it creates a foundation for the rest of the decor. Whether you choose one of the fabulously patterned Roth Rugs or an interesting bamboo rug, use it to make its own statement as well. If you have a modern theme, make sure to choose modern rugs for the living room. Additionally, having a theme is always helpful because it allows you to streamline the process and understand exactly what you’re really looking for.

3. Artwork
Artwork is such a broad subject and can go in so many different directions. A stunning clay sculpture is an artwork. An oil painting on a canvas is the artwork. Try to incorporate a variety of art pieces. This will diversify your visual impact. Yet, it’s wise to make sure there’s a sense of cohesiveness with all of the pieces. Make sure they serve a purpose for continuity.

4. Light
Natural light is always best. If you have windows in your living room, create window treatments that boldly allow the natural light to shine through. If you don’t have natural light, be sure to include strategically-placed artificial light. To enhance it all and visually open up a space, add large mirrors.

Once you’ve committed to the process of creating a beautiful living space, it’s not hard to maintain it. The foundation is laid. It’s now time to continue the process of enhancement in order to take things to the next level. Once this happens, your living room will be one that most won’t want to leave.