Why bamboo flooring: Pros and Cons you must know

Bamboo flooring is a type of flooring manufactured from the bamboo plant. The flooring is becoming popular for offices and homes uses. The Bamboo floor looks stylish and can be also used as gym floor for doing yoga or any other weightless activities. To add natural warmth to your floor one can choose bamboo flooring.

A bamboo flooring looks stylish and gave a smoothly look to your floor and it is one type of worth investment you can do for your home, but it has some pros and cons which one should know.

Pros of Bamboo flooring:

Long Lasting – Bamboo Flooring adds extra natural warmth to your floor. The high quality of bamboo wood lasts for a long time. The durability is as longer as compares to traditional hardwood floors. So, it is worth to invest in the bamboo floor as it is durable and enhance the beauty of the floor.

Classy Flooring- This flooring is the best option for those who classy things. The bamboo floor gave the classy and stylish look; it draws the attraction of every visitor who comes to your house. It is an elegant option of making your home look more trendy and unique.

Diversity- The most amazing thing about bamboo flooring is diversity. Bamboo floors come in the variety of styles and colours; it is advisable to do some research before selecting a colour for your home floor as the features are based on the colour. It includes:

  1. Grains: Vertical and Horizontal
  2. Fitting: Glue down, nail down and locking
  3. Process: Tinted and carbonized

Cons of Bamboo flooring

Water Damage: Bamboo flooring is potential for water damage. As the bamboo is a natural material when it comes in Contact with so much moisture and will cause staining, bending and will reduce the life.

Possible Toxins Release: Some of the bamboo flooring from china has the high level of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. As to give a shape of a floor to bamboo wood it gets shredded and sliced and sometimes the use of adhesive release VOC in the air, the release of this VOC from bamboo is unhealthy for an environment and the people staying in the home.

Softer: The Bamboo wood is softer than any other typical hardwood. It softens increase the level of scratch and dent as the floor is delicate to handle hard thing. So, if you are using any hard types of equipment or gym machines on bamboo it will be the god to place rubber mats on the bamboo floor.

The demand for bamboo materials has increased; it gives a warm feeling as compared to any other laminate floor. The bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly way to enhance the beauty as it is a natural product. Hence if you are looking to give a new look to your home floors and want to go with bamboo flooring do some research. The bamboo floor comes in wide range select the perfect colour which suits the most; it cost less than many of the hardwood floors.

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