What is Stack Effect and How it Can Work for you

The stack effect has nothing to do with storing boxes, rather it concerns the movement of air within a building, and for industrial environments, the stack effect can be a very useful tool to maintain an optimum temperature. If you would like to understand this principle, here is a brief overview of how the stack effect operates.

A Typical Home

For this example, let us use an average two storey family home. In the winter months the interior will be heated, and, as we all know, hot air rises, and this results in the hot air concentrating on the upper floor. This wouldn’t be too bad, but unfortunately, the heat doesn’t simply remain where it is, and it will leave through cracks or gaps and especially through any glass surfaces. So, now you have hot air escaping from the upper floors, which is termed as exfiltration, and this creates a negative pressure on the ground floor, and with equilibrium being what it is, new air will be forced into the ground floor through gaps in the windows and doors. This is called infiltration, and it must happen naturally to balance the air pressure. Of course, if one does everything one can to insulate the roof and upper floors, the flow will be reduced, but in any case, the stack effect will be evident to some degree.

Natural Ventilation

This innovative way to create airflow within a building uses the same principle, although it doesn’t require electricity to power the system, as it uses the outside air movement, and channels that cool air into ducts. This is the infiltration stage, with the exfiltration created by electrically powered extractor fans, and this creates the airflow.

Rooftop Ventilation

To effectively remove the hot air within a large building, you would need to have adequate vents, which might take the form of rotating devices. The design is such that nature is providing the power needed to make the device rotate, and this action removes the hot air, which is being replaced at a lower location. If your business is based in Australia, and you are looking for industrial vents, Airocle are an established company, who specialise in providing cost effective solutions across a range of industries.

Using Nature

The stack effect is caused by nature, and can be uncomfortable in a domestic home, yet by using the same principles, we can effectively cool the interior of a large structure. A design team would first look at the site, and then design an optimum natural ventilation system that uses clean, renewable energy whenever possible.

Cost Effective Ways for Climate Control

All companies are looking for ways to save money, and natural ventilation offers just that, and with the eco benefits for the planet, it does make for an attractive alternative to other methods. Many large warehouses have dramatically reduced their power consumption by enlisting the help of a company to install natural ventilation.

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