Pressure treated lumber – problems and precautions

People say that pressure treated lumber has a very long life even if it gets attached directly to the earth. The manufacturers marinate the lumber in chemicals that go on the exterior surface. The weakest area is where the wood gets cut. To bury lumber with a cut needs maintenance and treatment. There are many houses and premises where owners have used lumber for fencing.These fences are in good condition until now and haven’t been damaged by rot nor pests. These fences are as good as new because people are taking care of them and keeping them maintained.  However,water and a lot of moisture can rot and weaken the wood. As goes everything with life, sometimes things do not go as planned or expected.

There are things which are needed to be considered when you are dealing with wood and its maintenance. People think that an object that is made of wood does not make it susceptible to damage when installed. This is reasonable for various installments, but it is still important to consider when to use pressure treated lumber. The fact is that you have seen fences put in the soil made of wood, but you may not know the real story behind it. When these fences get installed,people remove the soil from around them and use concrete to make them stand on their own. The soil does not go near the wood and that makes the life of the wood longer. People who don’t deal with these things on their own would never find out. It is very much possible to assume that the wood is rotting from inside the soil if the fence is not made from pressure treated lumber. Signs of weaken might be seen before the fence or part of the fence is about to fall down. You should get it checked and, if possible get it replaced. If the wood of the fence is still in good condition, you can use some concrete to keep it away from the soil.

Pressure treated lumber is not just being used for fencing, but it is also being used in docks. Wood that is rotten can be very dangerous in this case, as the wood can suddenly break when there is too much pressure. If a dock has many portions that are rotted, then the entire structure could potentially fall. This can cause many problems so it is very important to use treated wood and check the wood every year to make sure that it is in good condition. There is no need to check it very often because if there is soil near the wood, it would still take time for any damage.

The docks are the most crucial areas for these lumbers because they are already in the water and having the moisture of soil around them. This causes the wood to be damaged faster than usual. It is also important to mention that if you are cutting the treated wood, then it is important to wear a mask. This will avoid inhaling the powder from the treated wood, which can cause health issues.

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