How a lead-acid battery works

Automotive lead-acid batteries are the oldest version of car batteries, and these batteries are being used to give power to a car engine to make them start. The very main purpose of these batteries were to store the DC power, which was in the very beginning of these batteries. These batteries were being used in commercial vehicles.Because of their size and weight, these batteries were made in the 1800s and until now they have a stronger influence in vehicle market. It is a fact that there are also vehicles which do not need these batteries.But a part of the vehicle market is still using vehicles that are using these batteries.

The best thing about these batteries is that they provide the correct amount of electrical energy to the vehicle to start the engine and to the ignition system. Plus, other systems like the indicators, stereos and all the other parts of the car that require electric power to work. There are two very important components of this battery, which are the lead oxide and electrolyte. These two components use a chemical process to create energy. Solid lead and lead oxide plates are flooded within an electrolytic solution that consists of a very small amount of sulfuric acid mixed with distilled water. When the electrical charge is drained from the battery, a chemical reaction takes place between the plates and the liquid electrolyte releasing electrons. Free electrons in the form of an electrical current flow through electrical conductors mounted on the battery and out via lead terminals providing the electricity required to start the car.

Discharge of the electric power of the battery into the engine means that sulfuric acid forms deposits onto the lead plates. When a battery gets recharged, it means that the sulfuric acid breaks down and returns back to their separate lead and lead oxide components. The water present in the batteries can be evaporated by the regular charging and discharging of the battery. This is why many batteries require water after some time. To avoid that now days manufacturers are making maintenance free lead acid battery that is fully sealed against leakage in which the electrolyte is in the form of a gel contained in separate compartments. The new design of these batteries also has safety features to avoid any high heat that can cause problems.

These batteries are being used in many things other than cars. Everything that needs an outside electricity source to ignite and function has this type of battery attached to it. Examples are UPS devices, generators and many other things. In a UPS, the battery gets attached to an electric system and keeps charging. When the power is off, the battery starts providing the stored energy back to the electric system and makes the appliances work. It is important to know that these batteries cannot supply as much power as an electric grid, so those appliances which need high voltage would not work with this setup.

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