Expert Tips to Help You Stage Your Bedroom the Right Way

Expert Tips to Help You Stage Your Bedroom the Right Way

When potential buyers look for their next home, they pay special attention to the bedroom. This is normal because they will spend their night there, feeling relaxed and at peace. Remember, the room needs to reflect when you want to sell it. Home staging is a concept you need to familiarize yourself with if you want to sell your home faster. It is a concept that entails rearranging some furniture pieces and decorating so that the space looks the part. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms when offering your home for a sale, so these expert tips will surely come in handy when staging it.

There is another concept that is related to home staging but is all made digitally. I am talking about virtual staging. The entire home is furnished and decorated virtually, it is presented to potential buyers online, and you don’t have to move around anything in order to make the home presentable. Keep on reading to find out more about all that and a few tips on bedroom staging done right.

Tip no.1 – Do a Thorough Clean

This goes for your entire home. Before you invite prospective buyers inside, make sure the whole place is spotless. And for rooms like the master bedroom – this is essential. Essential.

Don’t just vacuum the carpet and be done with it. You should also vacuum and clean the curtains, the bed, and any other place where dust can be found or hidden. You don’t want buyers to feel the curtains and end up smelling dust and dirt. This can break the deal for many.

If the room has window blinds, you need to dust them off, and always use fresh pillowcases, sheets, and additional bedding pieces. And of course, make your bed like never before. Clean and neat.

Tip no.2 – Declutter the Room

When staging the master bedroom, the concept “less is more” fits perfectly. Personal items are not necessary, and they shouldn’t be displayed. You need to leave room for the potential new homeowner to imagine their life there—a clean slate. So, no personal stuff on the nightstands, no laundry baskets, and any unnecessary furniture – you need to store it away when buyers see the place. This is especially important for pieces that usually don’t go in the bedroom, but you have decided to keep them there before.

Religious artwork is also tricky since you don’t know what it can mean for buyers. As meaningful as they are for you, this is a personal topic, and it doesn’t need to be discussed nor displayed on this occasion. And don’t forget the closet. Off-season clothes need to be removed so that there is enough space for the rest. Don’t overcrowd it. And if it seems like the shelve space is not enough – add hanging shelves or an over-the-door organizer.

Tip no.3 – Make the Bed and Make It Look Inviting

As mentioned above, a well-made bed is a must. But it is not enough. You need to think about additional accessories that will complement the entire space. You can go for decorative pillows, or you can throw a blanket in brownish or gray color. Go for the color that matches the rest of the room, but keep it neutral.

Tip no. 4 – Maximize Light, As Much As You Can

If the room is dark when the buyers arrive, it may give the impression that the space is drab, uninviting, and unwelcoming. If you want to avoid this scenario, make sure that there is enough natural light in. Open the curtains or blinds and let the sunshine in. Mirrors can also be helpful here. If you place a large one opposite the window – it will reflect the light from outside and create an amazing atmosphere.

Tip no.5 – Consider Virtual Staging

The four tips mentioned above can be applied if you decide to go for virtual bedroom staging services. The experts there will help you get the room you like in just a few hours. You won’t need to move any furniture around in your existing home; you won’t have to redecorate or repaint any room.

It is a cost-effective method that gets the job done much faster and in a more presentable way. Today people search for their next home mainly online. First they like a home there, then they contact the homeowners for more details. Well, virtual staging will help you put up the best pictures of your bedroom and will help you make a sale in no time.

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