Door handles are available in number of varieties

Door handles have become like fashion statements at the top end of the market. Some variations come in intricate and ornate designs to add glitz and glamour to the over-all look of your home. It is retaining its main functionality of opening and closing doors.

Variations in handle design often come in relation to particular needs and requirements such as: for nursery rooms. Handles sometimes come in cartoon designs for kitchen doors, some have fruit embellishments; for girl’s room, pink handles are available.

These are fancy handles: but for permanent use, most homes use more versatile materials such as brass and metal handles. It can withstand repeated use, and can adapt to most household interiors. As door handles easily catch germs and bacteria because of the variety of individual hands. It touch them in the course of a day, it is important to consider the materials used.

Indoor and outdoor handles:

There are two types of handles, when it comes to general use: external or outdoor handles. These are utilized on all main entrances to home, be it front door, back door, side door or service door. These are used for the doors inside the house such as bedroom doors and toilet doors. One of most popular broad types of external door handles is lever type, which is commonly used in European homes.

External latches are normally bigger as they frequently come with key-in locks for security, and are called lever lock handles. Indoor handles are smaller, as they come without locks, and key-in locks are normally installed separately on the door. There are also external handles with combined door knockers, a very practical alternative. It is believed that certain materials like brass, copper and silver discourage the growth of bacteria and germs through.

Lever Door Handles:

Lever operated door handles are very popular in European homes, as they are easier to use. This makes them suitable for elderly people, as this design of these handles does not require a tight grip. The door knob is more commonly used in the United States because of its practicality and dual functions. It functions as a door latching mechanism and a lock at the same time. However commercial and business establishments have woken up to the practicality of using the lever style of door handles.

Aside from easy operation, they are less likely to jam. Further, lever operated handles are more robust, and can withstand constant use. Some kind of electro-chemical effect and other materials like aluminum, stainless steel, glass and porcelain do not have the same action. However, this belief has remained just that a belief and studies have not been extensive enough to confirm.

Clearly there is more to the choice of your next set of door handles than first meets the eye. From levers to knobs to latches the variety of types is staggering. Add in the individuality of designers and the variety of different materials that are now available. You have an unbelievable catalogue of choice.

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