Simple Tips to Brighten up Your Shade Garden

Simple Tips to Brighten up Your Shade Garden

Most shade gardens have lots of big trees. Even though they are great sources of shade and enhance the appearance of your garden, they may hog soil resources and block the shorter plants from receiving enough sunlight. Shade gardens can be very difficult to maintain. The following tips may help make your garden brighter and more appealing.

  1. Choose the Right Plants

Choosing the right plants is essential when designing any garden. Before you start the process, you must think of plants that do well in shady areas and those that are more suited for partial light. Great climber options for a shade garden include clematis and hydrangeas. Shrubs that do well in the shade include rhododendron and dogwood.

  1. Make It Attractive

Having a shade garden does not mean that it has to be creepy or unattractive. Set out an inviting place for relaxation and fun. You may define a relaxation area with a hammock and good furniture.

  1. Add Some Color

There are lots of ways to introduce some color to your shade garden. They include painting your fences and using colorful containers. Bright colors add light to your garden and make it more fun. Some of the best colors for your garden include cream, soft shades of green, gold, and pink. If you are unsure of the right colors for your space, consider using an online visualizer tool.

Colorful plants could help you make your garden brighter too. Plenty of bright-colored plants can thrive in the shade. Some of the best ones include cobra lilies, Oxslip and cowslip primroses, crested iris, Indian pink, and white corydalis.

  1. Light

In a shade garden, you cannot rely on light from the sun. You should, therefore, create your own. The right lighting will help you create the desired ambiance and add a warm feel to your garden. Consider adding delicate fairy lights to your climbers. You may also use LED light fixtures on your fence or walls. You can use the lights to brighten up specific spots.

If there are any dark corners in your garden, consider using mirrors to brighten them. However, you should not have your mirrors facing the direction of the sun. They look much better on back fences.

  1. Create Sections

Turn your shady garden into a series of sections to make it brighter. The use of sections may also be a good idea when you want to add variety to your garden. You may create the sections using large containers or floor coverings. When one area is distinctly different from another one, your garden may look better.

  1. Use Bold Art Pieces

Bright-colored or patterned art pieces could transform your garden. You simply need to create a focal point among the plants. Choose bold colors like yellow or orange since they can easily stand out.

Designing a shade garden can be more difficult than it seems, getting the help of a professional like Garden Club London could make everything easier. The right designer will help you from the planning phase to the end of your project.

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