Top Ten Garden Pub Shed Ideas

Homeowners today want some uniqueness to their properties and a perfect way to both create your own space as well as improve the value of your property is to create your own custom backyard pub shed. Here are the top ten most popular ideas to get inspiration from.

#1 The Pirate

This idea was even featured on the tv show “he shed she shed”. With a very hard nautical theme this one features an interesting window set up and is full of warm colours. Additional touches typically consist of a variety of other seafaring gear including old ships steering wheels and a bevy of pirate themed hardware like brass portholes old shipping barrels and goblets to serve your guests.

#2 Old Time Big City

This pub idea comes from right off the streets of Boston. With exposed brick and carpet you get the feeling of a real boston pub. A variety of mismatching sofas a cushions along with antiques from early 1900’s are a must. Warm lighting and historical pictures on the wall along with menus at the tables are great finishing touches.

#3 Trading Post Theme

This theme is for those who like a bit more of a rough and rugged kind of pub. The overall feeling of this one is of an exotic location. Repurposing nautically themed items is a great way to give it that island feel. Hardwood stools and unfinished wood on the exterior will do just fine for this piece.

#4 The neighbourhood

This kind of setup is only for those who happen to have an extraordinary space to build their pub. The overall idea of this theme is to create a warm and welcoming feeling when you enter. If you are expecting a wide variety of age groups to be visiting then this might be the style for you.

#5 Build for two

The one is for creating a comfortable space that encourages a natural flow of conversation given the close nature of the set up. A beautiful roofline and simple bright colours along with large windows are great way to create a bright and airy space to enjoy with a few people.

#6 Indoor/outdoor

This style of pub shed is for those who can make a lot of extra living space just by hoarding off a couple of walls around their already existing covered deck. This is a very economical way to build a space for you and friends to hangout and enjoy.

#7 Tin Roof Bar

This example is a very economical choice as it uses industrial material to largely form the structures roof and walls. Even though most of the structure is corrugated stainless steel or aluminum the industrial feeling is lost amid the stained cedar 4x4s. And an extra money saver is that the style of pub shed is fixed right to your already existing deck. With tile countertops this is a great example of cheap and easy construction that will last a very long time.

#8 The Gateway

This example is not exactly a pub shed rather more of a recreation of a 1920’s gentlemen’s bar. This idea makes use of an unused existing space in your home. A great place would be in an area that already has a french door set up. This is a great way to splurge on fine hardware as well as leather seating given that they will not be exposed to the temperatures and elements as some pub sheds.

#9 The Man Cave

This idea is perfect for someone looking for their own “man Cave” inspired garden pub shed. A simple set up similar to that of a bar has room for at least 4 people and is perfect for watching any major sports event. Iconic photos on the wall are pretty common and serves as a form of self expression. The flat screen is mandatory in this man cave and the exterior is a simplistic and efficient construction given that the true enjoyment of this shed is the interior.

#10 Brewers Heaven

A brew shed has got to be the ultimate in tasteful bragging rights on social media. Its serves more for function rather than form and comfort gives way to the technological side of things with brewing equipment bubbling away. Creating much conversation on its own this garden pub shed serves all purposes as you have a nice place to enjoy the company of your friends amid a wide variety of your home made beverages.

If you are interested in building your very own garden pub shed be sure to check online for some of the many other examples available to gather inspiration from. There will certainly be a design or concept that will suit your taste and budget.

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