Patterned Paint Rollers Are the New Wallpaper

What if you could give your wall a wallpaper finish with just the swipe of a paint roller? Patterned paint rollers give your walls a pattern chosen by you that looks like a textured wallpaper print. Individuals can choose a roller with a design pattern of their choosing from hundreds of patterns.

The patterned paint rollers can include anything you want, like flowers, animals, 3-D prints, children’s cartoon characters, historic patterns, faux cement, swirling patterns, metallic, mixed coloring, aquatic scenes, and so much more.

Pre-designed rollers originated in Europe over 100 years ago. The lower-class citizens in Europe could not afford the beautiful styles of wallpaper that the upper class used to decorate their estates. 

The modern-day rollers were popularized in the 1980s by art painter Christopher Wool who copied it from Europe. He thought this decorating roller tool was a revolutionary new idea and featured it in his artistic works. Embossed paint rollers became popularized.

Patterned Roller Designs
These innovative paint rollers will make your walls look like you wallpapered them. This is a great decorating illusion and is an artistic way of decorating your home or office without pre-pasting your walls.

Embossed pattern rollers can be used to use two different types of complementary colors for your wall pattern. For example, you can paint your wall one color and after it dries use a different color on your patterned roller.

How to Use the Rollers
Patterned paint rollers allow DIYer-selfers to paint a pattern on the wall without worrying about getting your edges and seams perfect. The trick is to roll down the wall one time and then place the roller close to the edge of the last pattern and roll down again. Or, ask your local painters in richmond va to perform this decorating task. 

All you need to use is a water-based paint and or latex paint with a flat or matte finish. You don’t want to use a paint with a sheen because your pattern could easily be skewed. You don’t need to be an expert craftsman or an artist when using patterned paint rollers, just have fun.

Each patterned paint roller package or kit contains two rollers. One roller contains the color paint that will be brought to the stencil roller which is the other roller that is your pattern. They are assembled onto a framed handle. 

Embossed paint rollers are interchangeable so that you can paint not only your walls, but the rollers can be used to decorate fabrics, paper, and wood products. Using wallpaper is still a beautiful wall decoration that an expert can hang.

Spring is almost here and now is the time to contact your expert painters to paint and apply wallpaper techniques to the interior of your home or office. When you need the best experts in painting then contact your local painters.


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