Landscaping Services Offered in Calgary

Regardless of how well you have built your house or business premises, the quality of landscaping around that building will either make it aesthetically appealing or unattractive. To be on the safe side, you need to hire professional landscapers who will deliver the kind of landscape design you want to achieve. Fortunately, there are companies that have specialized in offering topnotch landscaping solutions for commercial, as well as residential clients.


Landscaping Services in Calgary

If you are in Calgary, you can find different companies that have specialized in providing a range of landscaping services. The experts will handle your project professionally, right from design up to the finished landscape, leaving your home or business premises with beautiful surroundings.

Whether you would like to have ponds, water features, decks, fences, wood structures, patios or walkways on your property, a professional landscape architect in Calgary can help. They can also erect retaining walls; install the best lighting and irrigation systems, as well as plant trees, shrubs and other types of vegetation.

Water Features

If you want to add unique water features to your property, these professionals can help. For instance, they can add some lovely water ponds or refreshing waterfalls to your landscape, enabling you to enjoy a breath of fresh air in an appealing environment, even if you are in the middle of the city. Moreover, they can surround your pond, cascade or waterfall with hardy, native plants that are not only appealing, but also help to maintain the native ecosystem. The landscaping experts can also stock your pond with spectacular fish breeds, making your business, apartment complex or neighbourhood more attractive.

Comprehensive Landscape Construction

If you are considering landscaping in Calgary, the experts can help you right from the planning of your new design up to the financing and construction. The main stages of this process include:

  1. Landscape Design

The design process involves three major steps that are aimed at ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved in terms of the budget, efficiency and aesthetics. These include:

  1. a) The Initial Consultation
  2. b) The Computer-Generated Design
  3. c) Presentation and Quotation
  4. Financing

Under this stage, you have to decide on how you want to finance your project. You may opt to handle the entire project all at once or complete it in stages. Fortunately, some of the best landscaping companies have also partnered with different financial institutions to make your financing much easier and more affordable.

III. The Construction

Here, a professional landscape architect in Calgary will begin the installation process, providing every element that is required to create a perfect commercial or residential landscape. Whether you want a completely new landscape, or simply want some re-imagining of your existing outdoor space, these specialists can help. They can handle:

Commercial Maintenance

These specialists also offer year-round exterior landscape maintenance services. This ensures that your property remains attractive and safe for clients, employees and residents. This may entail:

  1. a) Spring and fall landscape clean-up
  2. b) Weekly manicured cutting services
  3. c) Maintenance of the flower beds, shrubs and tree wells
  4. d) Tree health care services
  5. e) Tree planting and removal services
  6. f) Turf fertilization and weed control programs
  7. g) Turf aeration
  8. h) Irrigation system installation and weekly monitoring
  9. i) Service and repairs of irrigation systems

Whether are looking for renowned companies that offer the best landscaping in Calgary or simply want an experienced landscape architect in Calgary to do some re-designing of your existing landscape, these experts can help you out.

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