How You Can Make a Better First Impression with Your Living Room

A well-designed living room is crucial for the comfort and wellbeing of both you and your guests. Whether you host the occasional get-together or you are a constant entertainer, the living room will likely be the gathering point for visitors. Therefore, it’s important that this space makes a good first impression. Don’t let this intimidate you- There are all sorts of ways to amp up the appearance of your living room without resorting to large-scale renovations. Sometimes, a few simple design changes or home furnishing additions are all that’s needed to improve your home environment. The following are a few key ways to increase the aesthetics of your home without going to too much effort or breaking the bank:

  • Consider Swapping Your Fabric Couches for a Leather Lounge Suite

No living room is complete without a place to sit. While simple vinyl, cotton or linen couches can do the trick, a leather lounge suite will really bring your living room to the next level. Leather lounges look great thanks to their rich and elegant yet timeless appearance. But that’s not all they’re good for. Leather sofas and chairs also make a worthwhile investment because they are so durable and resistant to wear and tear. Although they may be a bit more expensive than other styles of lounge suite, they pay for themselves in the long run because they need less repairs and won’t require replacement for years to come. Leather sofas and chairs are also incredibly ease to clean. All they require is a wipe down when needed to keep them looking fresh and shiny. You can also use gentle soap on them without having to worry about the material deteriorating. All in all, leather lounges are a low-maintenance home addition that is sure to wow your guests.

  • Complement Your New Suite with Some Cushy Lounge Chairs

The more seating available the better, as this allows you to host more people and lets your family and visitors to take their pick of which seat suits them best. While some people love communal seating, others prefer to sit alone. When that’s the case, your new lounge chairs can be these people’s go-to option. Lounge chairs are a very popular living room fixture because they are very comfortable and versatile. Some recline, some have foot rests or ottomans, some are firm and some are super soft. The type you choose is dependent upon your physical needs and design preferences. Lounge chairs are useful when hosting elderly guests or anyone with physical ailments, as they provide extra spine, knee and hip support. A colourful lounge chair is a great way to add some oomph to your home- especially if you pick a contrasting tone to the ones featured on your walls or flooring. You can pick a few coordinated chairs or buy several different types to mix things up.

  • Fill the Room with Your Favourite Artwork

Showcasing art of any sort in your home is an effective way to stimulate conversation and express your personality. When there is a painting on the wall or a sculpture on the table, there will always be something to talk about. Whether you are a fan of fine art or prefer contemporary pieces, working either one into your space can make your home come alive and truly impress visitors. Not only does artwork make a house feel more homely, but it can also increase appeal for potential buyers and renters who are inspecting your property. There are so many different art forms that one could incorporate into their living room design, but prints, vases, paintings and sculptures of any sort tend to be the most popular. That being said, handmade rugs, custom pillow cases, or even painted lampshades are all less traditional art forms that can also improve the look and feel of your living area. As long as you have a touch of creativity or like to support people who do, you’re sure to have some sort of artwork you can display that will make your home stand out to those who spend time there.

  • Make Sure the Room is Organised

There’s nothing worse than a dirty or disorganised living room- Especially when hosting other people in your home. The best way to make a good first impression on friends or family who visit is to ensure that your room is well-presented. Investing in some storage units (like shelving, trunks or drawers) can help you organise clutter and give off the appearance of a cleaner space. While it may be nice to have kick-knacks littered around the room, too many can be overkill just look messy. Instead, pick a few you really love and center them as focal pieces of your living room. For instance, place a few standout items along the fireplace mantle instead of having twice as many set in random spots around the room. When your living room is clean and clear of junk, your home will feel more inviting and make guests comfortable in your space.

What tips have you got for designing a living room fit to impress? Let us know in the comments!

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