How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpets

A carpet can be quite an investment and take the time to install. On average, one will last about 12 years, but actual times vary because there can be a lot of stress on a carpet in a family household. The longevity of it is something you have control over. You can increase the lifespan of your carpet by controlling how much dirt gets into it.

Carpet fibers provide a perfect environment for dirt, dander, pollen, food particles, and even bacteria to stick. The appearance will become dull over time if you do not clean the carpet regularly. A regular vacuum helps as does routine cleaning; if the room has a lot of traffic, you might want to vacuum two to four times a week. However, sometimes a more thorough, professional job such as steam cleaning is a good idea. Employing a professional carpet service, once a year, can extend a rug’s functional and aesthetic life.

How Dirt Is So Bad and How to Keep It Out

Dirt doesn’t only make a carpet look bad; it also damages the fibers, making tiny scratches as it rubs against the tiny strands of yarn. Worn out fibers will make the whole thing look faded and dull. As all this damage occurs, indoor contaminants build up and support the growth of mold, especially where it is damp. Mold, and other allergens and contaminants, can add up to health hazards that can be dangerous for children, sensitive individuals, and the entire family.

There are ways to prevent dirt from becoming too excessive. One is to take off your shoes before going in the room. This keeps away dirt, soil, pollen, and other stuff from outside away. You might not even have to vacuum as often. The outside, too, can be kept cleaner by sweeping exterior walkways and use a heavy-duty doormat.

Spot Stains Should Never Be Left to Sit

The longer a stain from, for example, a coffee spill or pet accident, stays, the more likely it is to become permanent. Any liquid can soak right through the fibers and underlying padding. A dried, set stain can permanently damage the carpet, especially if it is acidic. In this case, it can eat away at the carpet fibers and cause the entire flooring to deteriorate. Soaking up a spill quickly can prevent it from getting into the under layers and causing more damage.

Sometimes, a clean, dry paper towel is enough to soak up a stain. You may want to use some water or even baking soda in other cases. Baking soda can cleanse a carpet naturally and remove bacteria and odors. Another way to accomplish a thorough cleansing is to mix water and vinegar and spray it on to effectively remove stubborn stains.

You can have a longer-lasting carpet by rearranging furniture from time to time. Uneven wear can be prevented because people won’t continuously walk on the same paths over the long term. Still, as hard as you may try, professional green carpet cleaning services can increase the lifespan of your carpet with methods that aren’t available as home remedies, so you don’t have to replace it sooner than necessary.

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