How to Clean and Maintain Windows in Your Home

Like patio, front, and rear entry doors, windows are one of the most important areas of any home. After all, like their aforementioned counterparts, windows guard against the outside world while maintaining a comfortable environment within. Consequently, it is important to consistently clean and maintain one’s windows bi-annually, or every three months, depending on their geographic location. Proper maintenance minimizes the chances of damage and extends the longevity of the glass. When inspecting, take care to notice whether the area is generally clean before giving it a thorough cleaning. This will give you an idea of how much dirt generally builds up in the area, enabling proper preparation in the future.

Here to give you some ideas on how to do that is a list of some suggestions on how to clean and maintain the windows in your home. After reading this list, if you are still unsure about cleaning windows, or simply have more window- or door-related questions, be sure to contact a window service, such as Renewal by Andersen window and patio door installation, for a consultation.

Things You Should Do

In terms of cleaning materials, make sure to use those that are not covered in various types of debris, as this could potentially scratch the glass. Consequently, it is also very important to properly protect the glass during the cleaning and not just from scratches either! In addition to dust, concrete and rust can irreversibly damage or cause blemishes in the glass.

To clean, apply a few drops of methylated window cleaner to a clean cloth, taking care to ensure that the cleaner is safe for window and glass cleaning. After this, gently apply the cleaner to the window, and then use a dry, clean cloth to buffer the area. If the window you are cleaning features more intricate glass, make sure to check the manufacturer’s website for proper protocol before attempting anything.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Steer clear of cleaners containing phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids, as both of these can severely corrode the glass. You will also want to take care not to use powder-based cleaners or abrasive materials like scouring pads. Additionally, do not clean glass if it is hot or positioned directly in the sunlight. If the glass happens to be laminated, make sure that whatever cleaning solution you are using stays away from the plastic edges; this also applies to mirrors and double-glazed glass.

Another common mistake people make is applying adhesive materials (like tape) to the glass. This will likely have severely significant results. If your specific situation absolutely requires the use of adhesive material, make sure that it is removable before applying it. Also, you should never use a hose to clean your windows. For one, this could cause undue leaking and potentially result in more significant damage. Two, windows were not designed to sustain concentrated amounts of pressurized water, such as that emitted from a hose. However, if you absolutely have to use some kind of hose, use a nozzle with a finer, less pressurized spray.

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