Decorate Your Home With Jute Rugs Jute Rugs; A Warm And Natural Touch In Your Home.

Hello! In this post we are going to talk about some of the main protagonists of the decoration season: jute carpets or natural fiber.

But before talking about decoration and trends, we are going to tell you some things about Jute. We like decoration as much as you, but a little general culture always come in handy. So when you visit at home and they say: “How beautiful your carpet” you will have many things to say besides “Thank you”

What is Jute and where does it come from?

Commonly known as jute, Co chorus is a tropical plant from which this fiber is extracted, grown in warm and tropical climates such as those of India and Bangladesh, among others. Jute is also known as “golden fiber” because of the golden silky sheen it has.

Together with cotton, they are the two most widely used natural fibers worldwide. But unlike this one, jute is a plant that contributes actively and passively to improve the environment since it needs less water than other materials that are usually used in textiles and also does not release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Therefore, the first thing you should know is that jute is a natural 100% ecological fiber, biodegradable and recyclable. We started well, right? We all feel a little better when we know that we are helping (even a little bit) the environment.

Beyond how beautiful they are, some of their advantages and characteristics are their insulating and antistatic properties, their low thermal conductivity and their moderate humidity retention, as well as their high breathability, their low coefficient of extensibility and their great resistance to tension. All these words can sound very grandiloquent, but what are we going to do if the Jute has so many good things!

And all those weird words, what do they benefit me?

  • Helps regulate environmental humidity
  • They are resistant to stains
  • They are very easy to care for
  • They last a lot
  • For use both indoors and outdoors
  • It can be easily cleaned (In fact it is a good idea to clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner )
  • Rugged fiber for high traffic areas

Rustic environments.

You do not have to be an expert in decoration to guess that natural fiber carpets fit very well in rustic environments.

Their neutral and discreet appearances provide a natural air that will combine a thousand wonders with your rustic furniture. It will not take away the protagonist and will help to enhance its forms, providing a wonderful cozy point.

But not always should be in the background, a huge jute carpet in your stay can make it very special for a very economical price.

Do you combine a rug with a modern decoration?

Of course, yes! The rugs at my deal are very grateful and combine very well with any style.

As with rustic environments, you can decide if the carpet has a lot of prominence or goes a little more unnoticed to provide warmth. But how is a jute rug going to be a protagonist in a modern space…?

If you are asking yourself that question, it is probably because you do not know that there is a huge range of colors and finished jute carpets.

jute carpets

Imagine for a moment a modern living room with white furniture, for example, and a red carpet of jute under the low table, in the area of ​​the armchairs … A couple of paintings with cheerful colors and you already have a modern atmosphere with a jute rug as a great protagonist.

And speaking of red carpets and protagonists … Do you want to know 4 curiosities that nobody has ever told you about the Red Carpet?

What has been said: while natural color brings serenity and calm, jute colors bring joy and fun. There are also different types of jute rugs with different finishes and various types of braid or thickness, and even mix of jute and cotton, which gives an extra softness.

Quick tips for the care of your jute carpet:

It is advisable to aspirate, as well as avoid spilling liquids. In this case it is best to dry it quickly with a cotton cloth that absorbs the stain before the material does, since the vegetable fibers are very absorbent (this is why it helps to absorb moisture from the spaces where they are)

Vacuuming is recommended on both sides of the carpet, including the floor where it is placed, so that dirt does not accumulate between the fibers.

Be careful with humidity since if it is exposed too long to high humidity it can deteriorate

The best way to dry jute is to lay it in the sun so that it dries naturally

Like all carpets, it is advisable to shake them every so often

Jute carpets

We will continue talking a lot on our decoration blog with natural fiber carpets, because they are not only trend now. They have been there for a long time and everything seems to be a must have for a long time.

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