Aluminum Fences in Vancouver – Add Value and Protection to Your Property!

Aluminum fences in Vancouver are highly preferable due to several advantages of aluminum. For instance, aluminum components don’t rust as easily as iron. All the parts and accessories of the aluminum chain link fence are usually drilled and powder-coated prior to assembly. This powder-coat finish enhances the general appearance of the fence, safeguards its surface, and provides a smooth surface for painting, if needed. Extreme care is taken during assembly by using brackets, rivets and sturdy fasteners. In most cases, attractive stainless steel is used for the fasteners because of its visibility and strength.


Variety of Designs and Styles

As aluminum is an easy metal to work with, aluminum fences in Vancouver are available in a plethora of designs, styles, heights and colours. The flexibility of aluminum allows for several designs that can complement the appearance of the structure around which they are installed. Therefore, you can purchase an aluminum fence that fits your style and personality, such as a picket fence, pool fence, industrial aluminum fence, or aluminum chain link fence. Most of these fence styles come with matching gates to provide a neat, finished look.

Picket Fence

These types of aluminum fences in Vancouver are made to look like the traditional wooden fences with pickets. They’re used mostly for domestic boundaries and are available with picket points placed as the customer desires. Evenly placed picket points, staggered picket points, smooth edged pickets, or pointed pickets are the choices available to consumers. If you’re not very fond of projecting picket points, there are styles that run a top rail over the jutting pickets to enclose them. In fact, when buying a picket fence, you’re always given a choice of enclosed pickets with no exposed points or enclosed pickets with exposed points.

Chain Link Fence

If you wish to buy an aluminum fence that allows more sunlight to get through, you should try an aluminum chain link fence. These are very durable, strong, and can handle any tough weather. They’re very resistant to strong wind, and are also known as hurricane fences. Again, this fence won’t rust like iron or enlarge like wood. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about repainting it all of the time. With the versatility of this type of fence, it isn’t difficult to understand why it has taken a very short time to get so popular. The affordability that comes as a result of simple manufacturing process is another plus, and the fence is probably one of the best buys for the price.

Pool Fence

When there are young ones that are at home regularly, a pool fence is very important. This way, your children are kept out of the danger zone for drowning. Again, a pool fence looks good around your swimming pool, hot tub or any water feature you may have on your land. To have a pool fence installed that can allow the area to be hidden from any unauthorized people, you can choose from a multitude of designs and styles.

Accessories like scrolls, ball caps or finials made of rust-free aluminum add a distinct element of style to aluminum fences in Vancouver. A wide range of colours such as gold, bronze, black, and white makes the accessories adaptable to almost any aluminum fence. Features like self closing gates, welded frame for extra strength, self-latching gates, arched gates, and many more accentuate the looks and appeal of aluminum fences. Take your time and find the type of fence that’s best for your home, or business.

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