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When it is time for a gas furnace replacement Lexington Park Md., you should contact an HVAC specialist like So much goes into this choice, and most aspects are technical. A salesman at a big box hardware store is not the person to access for this information. Considerations such as the size and efficiency of the model are at play. HVAC professionals utilize a whole range of specifications directly related to your home to decide which model will provide the most efficiency at the most economical price, but without sacrificing comfort.

Central heating and cooling systems today can commonly be offered either as a split or packaged system. The most common systems associated with heating and air conditioning systems are the split system set-ups. These have a condenser, furnace and a coil, but in order to qualify for a split system unit, the home has to have an attic, basement or some type of crawl space in order to house the interior section of the split system unit.

In packaged systems, the heating and cooling sections of the packaged systems are contained in a single outdoor unit. This not only allows those without the space for a split system unit to have an efficient source of heating and cooling, but it is also an option for those that would like to utilize the extra space in the home. Whether you switch to a packaged unit or switch to a split system, the best source for recommendations on the most suitable heating system for your home is your trusted HVAC professional, but there are other considerations including the fuel source.

The options available for the particular fuel source that will power your furnace are gas, electric or oil heating. There are several important features of each individual type of furnace. Gas furnaces are fueled by natural gas, and this is considered to be the most economical form of heating a home. 

However, oil and propane furnaces are excellent sources of heating the home also. The only drawbacks with this type of system is that they require room for storage, they can also be less clean burning than natural gas furnaces, and depending on oil prices at any given time, they are more costly to operate. Because of this, they are a suitable alternative gas furnace especially in certain areas and older homes that do not have the infrastructure of gas lines.

Electric furnaces are an alternative to natural gas furnaces, but because electric furnaces manufacture heat from electricity, the operating costs are significantly higher.

The only exception is the electric-powered heat pump. These use less electricity because they use air to transfer heat, and they can use the same process to act as an air conditioner during the warm months. There are many other considerations that only professional HVAC company technicians are qualified to make, so it is imperative that this purchase is not made without quality advice, installation, and maintenance from their services.

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