What Is the Best Rattan Garden Furniture?

If you are looking for attractive garden furniture that will last you should consider rattan. And rattan garden furniture made from synthetic rattan fibers will last outside season after season in UK weather. If you are unfamiliar with rattan here is a bit of useful information.

Rattan versus Wicker

You may be familiar with the term wicker furniture. Wicker is not a material used to make furniture but a technique for furniture construction. The natural materials used include reeds and grasses like bamboo, thin branches from willow trees, creeping vines like rattan and synthetic (all-weather) rattan.

The wicker technique goes back as far as ancient Egypt. Chairs, baskets, and chests made of woven reeds have been found in excavated tombs! And when England sent its sailing ships to the East Indies they brought back furniture and other things made of rattan. These items encouraged local imitation. And local artisans noted that rattan was a superior material for wicker construction.

Durable Rattan Construction

Rattan furniture can be made in virtually any design, as lengths of it are woven over a sturdy internal frame. A common approach is to make furniture pieces that stack one within another. This makes items like rattan garden furniture cube sets easy to store or simply move out of the way when not in use. In the modern age, rattan furniture designers have gone one step beyond Mother Nature.

Synthetic rattan garden furniture is as attractive as the natural material and can simply be left outside of the elements without damage year after year. Natural rattan, although more durable than other materials, really should be stored indoors during inclement weather.

Synthetic Rattan Is Easy to Clean and Care For

Rattan furniture is durable, especially with synthetic fibers. To clean either natural or synthetic rattan all you need is the same detergent you use to wash dishes, a bowl full of tap water, a soft cloth and an old toothbrush. Add a few drops of detergent to the water and stir or agitate until you form bubbles. Use the bubbles on the soft cloth to clean the furniture and use the old toothbrush and bubbles to clean in the corners. This is more important if you are cleaning natural rattan as you do not want to get it too wet. Getting synthetic rattan garden furniture wet is not an issue.

If you have natural rattan you will need to routinely treat with boiled linseed oil. Use a paintbrush to apply the oil and continue until the fiber will absorb no more. Then remove the excess oil with a soft cloth. You do not need to worry about synthetic rattan garden furniture drying out and cracking so forget this issue if you go with modern rattan.

Sun Exposure

If you have natural rattan furniture please be careful about leaving it exposed day after day to direct sunlight as that causes the fiber to deteriorate. If your rattan garden furniture is synthetic you do not need to worry about too much direct sunlight.

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