Uses of A Backhoe Loader Compared to An Excavator

Uses of A Backhoe Loader Compared to An Excavator

Have you got an excavating or earthmoving project? If yes, you might be wondering what’d be the best pick – an excavator or a backhoe. Well, the simple answer is “it depends”. Both these machines – excavator and backhoe are well suited for a variety of earthmoving jobs.

But each machine has its unique strengths and thus one machine may outperform others depending on the nature of the job. So, you must know the use of a backhoe loader compared to an excavator.

In this article, we’re going to cover all aspects to consider while choosing between an excavator and a backhoe.

So, let’s jump straight in.

Backhoe Loader Vs Excavator – Which will be the best pick?

 Let’s start with the basics of both machines one by one. A backhoe is mainly a standard tractor base that supports a digging bucket on the other end with a jointed two-part boom. Like a traditional tractor, the other side of the backhoe has front loader attachments. The seat of the cab can rotate 360 degrees to allow the operator to work on both sides of the machine. These features make backhoe particularly useful for projects on farms and medium to light construction work.

Because of the effective combining of three different machine capabilities, a backhoe is very popular. They can undertake the work of a small excavator, skid steer loader as well as a loader. So, whether it is excavation, drilling holes, digging trenches and ditches, material transport, landscaping, demolition, paving the road, or breaking asphalt, the backhoe has a lot to offer.  

The excavator has a digging bucket attached with a boom at one end and can either have tracks or wheels. The excavator is generally built to work around heavier projects. Unlike a backhoe, the excavator boom can rotate 360 degrees that allow it easy maneuverability.

Now let’s see how you can pick the right machine for your project specifics.


Without a doubt, excavators are large and heavier machines as compared with backhoes that are generally slightly smaller. So, if you’re looking to undertake large-scale construction projects that involve demolition, driving piles, and mining, drilling shafts for rock blasting or similar works; an excavator rental is a right pick. On the other hand, for small to medium scale works like loading jobs, snow removal, or small-scale excavation works, a backhoe can cope up easily.


Because of the wheeled base, a backhoe offers efficient mobility and can travel across multiple locations on the job site. It can be driven up to 20mph on roads and can easily attend multiple tasks in different areas. The excavator slightly lacks such fast and quick mobility.


Both these machines are versatile because they allow a range of attachments that make them useful for a variety of jobs. But in comparison, the backhoe has a much greater selection of attachments and is thus more capable of a wider variety of tasks.


In terms of rotation, the excavator easily wins. An excavator hire allows the operator to rotate completely to 360 degrees while a backhoe’s arm can only pivot across 200 degrees. Now that you’ve learned and the ins and outs of both these machines, I hope the selection will now be much easier for you.

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