Tips About Well Water Pumps 

Living in a suburban or rural area it is not unusual in many areas to have well water. This is water that comes from deep in the ground and does not have the added chemicals that water coming from a water company has added to it. This is the type of water people living in towns or cities getting water from the water company go to the store to buy. 

The Pump

Well water comes from a pipe that runs deep in the ground, and for this water to be run into a home requires a submersible pump. This pump is a cylinder shape and is found inside of the well pipe. It is also a part that will wear out over time. However, there are some other reasons a pump may fail. This is a necessary part that when there are problems it will require replacing. Though, the submersible pump has a lifespan of approximately 25 years before it will need to be replaced. 

A Sign the Pump is Worn Out

There are few signs that a well water pump is worn out. In many cases, it will be a matter of turning on the faucet and there is no water. Especially if it is an older pump it could need to be changed. But first, check the breaker box to ensure it is not just circuit breaker flipped off and the pump not getting any electricity. This is a project for the well pumps leesburg va professional to ensure the right pump is used and replaced in the pipe properly. 

What Damages a Well Pump

Pumps for wells do not require maintenance other than having an inspection done annually to ensure it is working properly. This is important since the pump is not seen and problems can result in the pump having issues. Well pumps can be damaged under certain conditions even if they are not aged. Failure of the pump can be caused if the well is low during droughts and the pump is bringing cloudy or muddy water up.

Another reason this can happen is if the pump needs to be lowered since there are some times when the pump is too high in the pipe. This sediment is something that can harm the mechanics of the pump and shorten the life significantly even when it only happens for a duration of a few weeks. 

The other possible reasons for pump failure can be caused due to a poor design that may cause the pump screen to become clogged. The screen can also corrode, which can result in problems. In this case, the screen may need to be replaced or the unit if it has burned out because of this problem.

The pump may go because it is overworked if the design capacity is not the proper size for the size of the well and the water pressure since it will result in it over pumping. This could considerably shorten the lifespan of the pump.

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