Checklist before buying Led Television (tv)

Technology is ever evolving and be it televisions or mobile phones, technological innovations have given a new dimension to all the electronic devices. Customers today have also become very demanding as they have realized that organizations are always willing to put in efforts to meet the demands of customers and come up with something that is new and innovative.

LED television is also a result of demand driven innovation wherein the need to view larger than life pictures have been met by scientists. While earlier television meant those big CRT boxes, today it is all about slim viewing panels with excellent picture quality.

So, if you too are driven by the trend and are planning to buy the latest LED television you must have a checklist handy to know what all to look for in a LED television.

And the list goes as:

  • The LED TV you are buying must have a resolution that is more than 4000 pixels
  • The TV should also have a refresh rate that is over 120 Hz
  • Look for LED sets that are HDR-Compatible as that ways you can get pictures with better contrast and realistic colours
  • If you have the means, go for the OLED TVs rather than the usual LED LCD sets
  • Carefully judge the contrast ratio as per your own understanding
  • A good LED TV must have at least 4 HDMI ports
  • Curved TVs may come for a premium price but they don’t really add to the picture quality, so it is better to go for the regular flat screen ones
  • If you are willing to pay a premium price for a LED TV, you may as well go for the Smart sets so you can easily watch videos and movies online.
  • Check for the sound quality so you don’t need to add a sound bar. Most LED TVs owed to their slim design tend to compromise on their sound system, so you got to be very careful with this aspect of the LED TVs.
  • Keep the TV viewing distance of your room in mind before buying a TV set so you don’t strain your eyes when watching television
  • Not just because you are shelling out a premium price, you should never buy a LED TV below 32 inches if you want to have a good TV viewing experience
  • Do not compromise on the size for features. For LED TVs it is always better to go for large screens as eventually the sole purpose of buying a pricey television is enjoying seamless TV viewing experience

So, if you have this checklist before buying led television (tv), you will never go wrong.

The online TV buying guide:

While, every city has multi-brand stores for electronic items, the young generation enjoys shopping online for these products because online portals offer big discounts and freebies on purchase of such expensive electronic items.

Along with the discounts, online portals also offer extended warranties, freebies like HDMI cables and at times even accessories like sound bars to attract more and more customers. So, if you too are planning to buy a LED TV online, here’s a quick buying guide for you:

  • Compare the prices on more than one portal
  • Thoroughly study the product description and understand the features of the product
  • Check for the freebies, discounts and extended warranty that is being offered
  • Check for the delivery as well as return policy before buying such a specialized item online
  • Ask around to understand how good the portal has been with delivering such electronic goods

Therefore, with the above checklists in place you can not only buy a good quality LED TV but also avail huge discounts on buying the same online.

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