5 Layout Designs for the Installation of the Eames Walnut Stool

5 Layout Designs for the Installation of the Eames Walnut Stool

A wonder of mystifying intrigue, the Eames Stool is a product of the brilliance of Charles and Ray Eames, dating back to 1960. They’ve managed to immortalize the design of this one of a kind stool by instilling within it unmatchable elements. You aren’t bound to any limitations when it comes to exploring the possible layout designs to install this beauty within. We’d like to spark some ingenuity within you as well with these 5 splendid specimens:

  1. A reproduction of minimalized impactfulness:

Herman Miller

When it comes to the Eames Stool, on its own the handcrafted solid teak and dark walnut finish stains is a testimony to the resilience of its mid-century design withstanding the limitations of time. This handcrafted piece doesn’t require a lot of supplementary assistance to bewitch and fascinate potential onlookers. By simply pairing it with an oversized seat like a reclining couch, grand chair or heavy-duty lounge chairs and chaise chairs you with a lighter backdrop, you can accent the bold tones of the Stool itself. As you can see, this picture depicts the appropriate use of marginal embellishments to fabricate a grandiose aura.

  1. Nourishing neutral accents:


Mainstream lounges are part of everyday domestic living and therefore a frequently visited. Finding the perfect blend of decor to seamlessly pull together every aspect of a room is an undertaking the Eames Stool upholds well. You must be very careful when it comes to placement as it is a high traffic area, hence the compact dimensions and compressed proportions of the Stool placed as a corner item prevents overcrowding and obstructions.

Not only does this position serve a functional aspect by providing usage next to a chair for drinks, food, books, etc. but upon glancing around the room when you enter it is angled to be the first thing your eyes land upon. By choosing to follow a monochrome theme you can form a conversational zone with every article facing a center table, thereby making this a warm and inviting area for formal and informal rendezvous.

  1. A whimsical and intimate arrangement:


Furthermore, the gorgeous layout staged above perfectly highlights the feminine grace of the Eames Walnut Stool. Extracting attributes from traditional European style interior designs, you can enhance the splendor of any living room, entertainment space, drawing room, and dining room. Apart from the Stool itself, you will notice that every other article is sporting a hushed color palette.

By opting to flank a substantially bulky couch with two walnut stools you can embellish the room with a flair of color from pretty floral arrangements, sensual candles, as well as potpourri, etc. All in all, it is an amalgamation of antiquated design characteristics with the ornate rug and massive bookshelves, whilst still maintaining contemporary vibes with the addition of television. The room is bursting at the seams with dignified culture. Furthermore, natural lighting enhances the strategic window placement.

  1. Use art and mirrors on a blank foundation:


The Eames Stool embodies an inherently artistic flair. Therefore, those with a penchant for well-bred finesse will appreciate its gentle yet rustic contours. Illustrated above is a tasteful example of how the attributes of the Stool earns it the title of statement art. It earns it a place amidst other artwork. The organic aura oozing from the Stool fuses well with large statement pieces and adds depth to this niche alongside polished hanging mirrors. The ability to harmonize the past with the present is a key trait that went into its construction.

  1. The utilitarian scheme:


More often than not, designers are afraid of clutter and hoarding a legion of furniture items into a single setting. However, the sample above eloquently demonstrates how to emulate visual diversity with the Eames Stool. By keeping the underlying accents warm and subdued you can use it as a foundation for a multitude of details.

The blend of chestnut, cocoa, chocolate, and coffee-colored tones alongside the matted silhouette of the Stool establishes organic sentiments. All the while there is no sacrifice on the luxurious handsomeness of the rest of the items in the room. This intimate setup is a perfect space for free-flowing conversation and amplified relaxation.

The semi-tradition Eames Stool is a must-have decor piece. It can be, as evident by the depictions above, established in diverse platforms. This guide should prove useful when you feel the need to awaken the mid-century designer within you.

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