Modern Designer Sofas for the Living Room


The sofas are costly in most cases for they require exclusive raw materials and complex manufacturing systems.

Therefore, it is practically essential to choose the design that fits your lifestyle carefully.

Below are some of the modern designer sofas for your living room

Eaton Sofa

  • Eaton is one of the latest modern designer sofas that have a symmetrical three-piece section.
  • The couch also has an organic shape perfect for any sized room because the dimensions and angles of the furniture are customizable.

Tiptoe Sofa

  • Tiptoe sofa is a piece of modern luxurious furniture for your living room that has three-piece lounge seat settings.
  • The structure of a tiptoe sofa made of black epoxy steel tube with metal springs provides a reputable comfort to your living room.
  • The couch is available with varying densities of polyurethane foam and various types of fibres.
  • The feet of the furniture has electroplated steel with graphite or copper.

Patone Sofa

  • Pantone sofa is one of the modern accoutrements that create an exciting atmosphere for your living room.
  • The couch has dual shelf units at them sideways and the back of the sofa.
  • The sofa is made with a diverse choice of exotic wood to support the whole furniture and as an arm.


Obi Sofa

  • Obi Sofa is modern living room furniture made of wooden and steel structures.
  • The couch has a high suppleness of polyurethane foam.
  • The seat and back sections of the furniture has cotton or leather fabrics that provide you with a smooth and steady comfort zone.

Nest Sofa

  • Nest sofa is one of the most recent accoutrements to create a brilliant look for your living room.
  • The structure of the furniture has stainless frames that provide your living room with luxurious comfort.
  • The backrest of the sofa has nylon stripes that are available in numerous colours.

The Brooklyn Street Sofa

  • The structural design of the Brooklyn Street sofa provides your living room with a fantastic look just like that of Brooklyn city.
  • The couch has unbelievable couch features such as bolster arms and separate back cushions.

In summary, the designers include typical sofa schemes to satisfy both room arrangement and personal décor desires.