Roofers Help Keep Homes Safe

The history of roofing materials date back to the Neolithic China and Babylonia age when clay was the only material used for all residential roofs. The Roman age used tiled roofs, followed by fabric roofing materials covered with gar which was used in Europe during the 1800s. 

Then in the early 1900s asphalt roofing came into existence and has been carried into the type of roofing material we continue to use on our homes today. Many innovative roofing materials used today have their beginning in early global home roofing history. 

Modern roofing materials include asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, metal, slate, wood shingles, shakes, and synthetic roofing materials that generally contain polymer, rubber, and plastic.

Unique Roofing Problems 
There are some unique roofing problems that you may not have heard of, but that your professional roofer can repair. Firstly, there is ‘roof splitting.’ 

If you live in a region that experiences rapid temperature changes, then the combination of the sun’s heat and then a cold temperature change, can cause the roof to quickly expand and contract. 

With this type of roofing stress, roofs can warp and soon split. If your home was not fitted with expansion joints, then your roof can split allowing water and excess moisture to get inside. 

Expansion joints are needed on flat roofs and roofs of large homes. At first, roof splits are generally very small, but if left unnoticed, it will grow exponentially.

Winds are a great threat to your roof because when they are strong, winds can cause a ‘wind uplift’ effect. A wind uplift is about the pressure on the outside of your roof versus the pressure inside, especially in warm climates. 

If the wind is blowing strongly as in a hurricane or tropical storm, then its force combined with the different pressure levels, will lift your roof off your home. 

When you see roofing damage after a storm and much of the roofing material is missing, this is called a wind uplift.

Here is a unique roofing problem that you never thought of – too much traffic on your roof. No, we are not talking about birds or squirrels, we are talking about people walking on their roofs. 

Roofs are not meant to be a walkway. Some homeowners like to perform DIY roofing projects like clearing leaves, tree limbs, decorate it for the holidays, install their own tv satellites, etc. However, your shingles are not designed for foot traffic, especially if it is asphalt. 

If you need roofing conditions taken care of, call your local roof replacement services charlotte nc. As professionals, they can install and repair any problems you may have under a free roof inspection. 

A seasonal roof inspection is always a good idea because you cannot see your whole roof environment from the ground. 

If it has been a few years since your roof was installed, it is time to have a reliable roofing service perform a thorough inspection to keep you and your family warm, safe, and healthy. 

A professional inspection by your roofer is needed to make sure that it is in good condition

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