Sting’s villa in Tuscany

A famous singer Sting loves Tuscany. Infact he bought an amazing villa In Chianti, precisely in Figline Valdarno. When he visited this italian region for the first time immediately said : ” This is a wonderful place and I want my family will live here “. He has been fascinated by beauty of its landscapes and peaceful ambiance. He precisely bought a beautiful ancient villa, 300 hectares, vineyards and a big olive grove.

He is very well tied to this place and infact he planned a dream daughter’s wedding here some years ago. He really lives here a few months during every year with his family and recently he decided to rent this villa for weddings and private parties. He has a lot of money but his estate is so big that it’s necessary also an expensive maintenance. So Sting and his wife Trudie turned their villa into a good company.

They rent it for parties, weddings, important meetings and tourists’ holidays. It’s possible to host around 200 people and they’re usually all enchanted by the beauty of this dream scenario. However Sting is not the only one in the world to be madly in love italian regions and infact many foreign people,

investors and corporates bought and will always buy luxury villas in Italy. And it’s easy to understand why these people charmed by this little and great peninsula. Its ancient and important history allows those are seeking access to world heritage to find out the sources of the culture in Europe.

Infact where can we find the evolution of modern culture? Then where is it possible to know our way of thinking and understanding the customs and languages of european countries? The answer is obvious, in Italy. Foreign people live in rich states but they have not the opportunity to see italian beauty every day. Their country are usually young and especially if they are ancient have not an amazing history.

For example who wants to know a great art, where can see monuments, works of art and ancient buildings to admire and study them? Also in that case the answer is obvious, in Italy. This precious cultural and historical heritage allows real estate agencies to do interesting deals. When your country is so loved by foreign investors and tourists,

you can work too much every year. Many international singers and actors buy wonderful villas in Tuscany, Umbria, Puglie, Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily and all over nothern Italy. The tourism is a strong business for italian entrepreneurs and so they should love more their country to enhance this natural beauty.

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