Can a Recent Land Survey Improve Your Property?

If you’ve ever bought a new house or moved into a new place before, you’ve most likely been curious about where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins. Unfortunately, when homebuyers and new tenants realize it, it’s too late. This is why land surveys are essential. Upon choosing a property, you can ask the sales agent for exact measurements from your property deed. However, this can be inaccurate or ambiguous at times.

If you live in Utah, 3D laser-scanning companies can conduct a precise survey for you. An exact review puts your worries to rest by providing more context to your land ownership. Here’s why a comprehensive land survey should be conducted before a home purchase:

To avoid property disputes

The most obvious problem that a recent land survey can prevent is a land dispute. It is highly possible that in the time between the two most recent studies, a new structure was built by adjacent neighbors or an old easement blurred property boundaries. It could also be a matter of government policy inadvertently reducing a property lot.

Conducting a land survey erases any confusion between the boundaries of adjacent lots. It also prevents opposing parties from using an old land survey to stake their claim.

To gain financial assurance

Resorting to the results of a land survey helps you make more financially secure decisions when buying a property. First, with accurate and up-to-date information about your property, you make sure that you’re paying for the right parcel of land. It removes any discrepancy between the actual result and what is declared in your deed.

Second, it helps you negotiate the price of your property. By leveraging the impartial information from your trusted surveyor, you can detect anomalies or aspects of your property that can serve as valid grounds for a price reduction before you buy the property.

To identify easements

An easement is a property right that grants its owner permission to utilize a portion of a property owned by someone else for a particular purpose. This can pertain to pathways or public sheds allotted from private property.

What a land survey does in this context is to present the property lines and all improvements and constructions done on the land to detect any encroachment by neighbors or other parties. If the encroachment is done outside any record, only a survey will be able to identify the change.

To make construction plans

Conversely, a survey can help the property owner himself to assess and understand the topography and dimension of the site. This is necessary to decide if and how a construction plan can be implemented. A land survey is also a timely orientation to all the building codes and permits you have to acquire before proceeding with construction.

Homeowners will need this information if they plan to add unique amenities to their homes, such as a swimming pool and underground lot, or if they need to clear trees, construct a mid-rise building, or subdivide the lot.

To protect your investment

Lastly, land surveys protect your property investment. Reassurance comes from knowledge in this context. If you know the correct assessment, valuation, and property regulations of your lot, then you can make a better purchasing decision, predict costs, and maximize your land asset.

If you want to know more about how you can get a fair and comprehensive land survey, be sure to ask your property agent and be there during the study.

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