Torontonians Fight Back Against Bed Beg Epidemic

Since the mid-2000s, the bed bug problem in North America appears to have reached epidemic proportions, and experts are of the opinion that the population in major cities like Toronto are only multiplying. If you’ve never experienced these little critters, be grateful, as they are extremely difficult to get rid of and can seriously disrupt your life. They love to hide in the darkest recesses of your bed, waiting until sleep overtakes you. Then the sneaky little things go to work feasting on your blood as you snooze away.

You awake with itchy little red spots, wondering where in the world they came from, but once you realize that you have them, you can kiss your restful nights goodbye. While they most frequently live in mattresses, you can also find them in headboards, baseboards, book spines, curtains, closet shelves, carpets, the couch, and throughout your home.

Bed bugs are not considered by public health officials to be a public health risk (because they do not transmit disease), but the psychological side effects, including the lack of sleep and social stigma, can be dangerous. The best response, however, is a simple call to a reputable, professional Toronto pest company. All the home remedies you may try will never eliminate them from your home,

while DIY pesticide use can have disastrous results, such as the local population in your home developing a resistance to the chemicals. Superior companies like Toronto’s Power Pest Control will offer a free quote over the phone about your pest issues and, with no obligation, will discuss their treatment plan with you.

When you become aware of the wide variety of unwelcome pests that invade Toronto, you’ll realize the importance of knowing reliable Toronto pest control services. Whether it’s rodents in the basement, bedbugs in your sheets, wasps, bees, or hornets in your yard, cockroaches in the kitchen, or ants in your walls, you realize you would be better off without sharing your home. Centipedes, millipedes, spiders, and fruit flies are just a few of the other invaders looking for easy entry that make your life miserable.

Beside the peace of mind that results from hiring professional pest control, it is also helpful for you to know that the leading companies like Power Pest Control are conscientious about using chemicals that are safe for everyone in your home, from Grandma to the baby and your pet dog. These folks know what they’re doing, as the leading extermination companies hire only technicians licensed by the Ministry of Environment who can show you their Ontario extermination card on request. Most treatments include a warranty that provides free follow-up inspection, which should in fact be mandatory with bed bugs.

Armed with the knowledge of when to engage the services of leading pest control company, you can avoid letting bed bugs in Toronto ruin your life. Pests in your home are an unavoidable fact of life and the sooner you start a relationship with a reliable Toronto pest control company, the sooner you can breathe easy.

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