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Christmas Light Installation

Houston Light specializes in residential and commercial Christmas light installation including landscape lighting to create the perfect holiday season look and ambience. During the Christmas season, it can get a little intimidating if not totally unnerving if you do not have clear plan on how to decorate your home. If you’re looking for a competent Christmas Light installers in Houston, look no further than Houston Light. Their friendly and skilled professionals are at hand to you create the perfect and most memorable holiday lighting display that perfectly matches the holiday mood and ambience.

Need professional Christmas Light Installation in Houston?

Houston Light has garnered a stellar reputation in orchestrating high-quality Christmas light installation with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

As experts in holiday and event decoration, Houston Light has developed a client-friendly approach when it comes to providing a full range of Christmas lighting options for your home or business.  They work diligently to create lighting designs that enhance your property’s best features and ensure your holiday display is installed correctly.

With Houston Light doing all the meticulous installation work, there’s no limit on how creative your Christmas spirit can shine. Your home or business will more than ever be an attractive beacon that lets you and enjoy your holidays with your friends and family. Unlike other installers, Houston Light goes a step further; they periodically check on your property to ensure the integrity of the installation throughout the season.

Houston Light specializes in high-quality outdoor C-9 and C-9 LED Christmas Lights and can install them on roof edges, gutters, and archways and pretty much anywhere on flat roofs. Whether it’s Christmas light installation on yard stakes or outline beds, sidewalks, and driveways, Houston Light will ensure your home and surrounding landscape has maximum visual appeal. Installation of Christmas lights can also be done on shrubs, hedges, tree tops and any other vegetation that lines your property. Additionally, Houston Lighting also offers wreaths in additional to a wide assortment of lights or they can use your existing ones.

Houston Light has also participated in some of the most high profile and prolific Christmas Lights attractions in Houston. See some of the most sought-after Christmas Lights attractions in Houston

Christmas Lights Installation by Houston Lights

If you want to witness an incredible display of Christmas and Holiday lights, Houston Light has compiled an impressive list of five must-see locations around Houston.

River Oaks –River Oaks goes into great detail to display luxurious and assorted flavors of Christmas lighting on Bellmeade Street and Inwood Drive.

Starting on Starting November 18th, Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo features an incredible display of Christmas and Holiday ambiance lights that continues to attract crowds.

Another memorable Christmas Light Installation and display is at the Nite of Lights on Prestwood Forest starting on December 10th through New Year’s Eve.

Lights in the Heights –Happens on Bayland Avenue and Highland St. of The Woodland Heights immediately after Thanksgiving. Area residents compete for prizes for the most creative holiday decorations with each year becomes more festive than the lastGreen Tee–This event takes place on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at the Green Tee neighborhood in Pearland and features a breathtaking display of creative lighting that individuals or families can fully appreciate.

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