Have You have A Yellow-colored Light In your PS3? What Is actually This Mistake And How do you Fix This?

If you receive one equipment problem together with your PS3 probably the most likely may be the flashing yellow-colored light mistake. This post will actually let you know more concerning the yellow gentle and why it happens and additionally why it’s sometimes confused using the flashing red-colored light error that you could get about the PS3.

What exactly Is The actual Yellow Light About the PS3?

Well firstly I wish to clear upward any confusion between your yellow light and also the red gentle error.

They are the same!

The reason they get confused is due to the series of lights you will notice on the ability button whenever you get this particular error.

It’ll flash yellow-colored, red after which visit a steady pulsating red light in your PS3.

Due to the yellow gentle that turns up initially it’s been coined the actual YLOD or even the “Yellow gentle of death”.

Whatever you need to call it this issue is brought on by overheating in house.

The GPU and also the CPU that are the two main chips in your system overheat after which the soldering button snaps off that’s needed to ensure that these 2 components in order to communicate.

Now the conventional way that you will have to get this particular fixed would be to send this in and they’ll repair it for you personally. This appears fine before you consider the cost from the service and for that yellow gentle problem you’ll be looking from about four weeks wait in addition to a cost around $150.

Another way that you could attempt to repair this problem would be to send it into a 3rd part company and they’ll repair it for you personally.

You usually see these businesses online plus they are repair shops round the country. The positive thing with this process is how the cost is usually a great deal cheaper but since they’re not licensed by Sony you do not know what fix they will use as well as if it’ll work in your console.

The only real other way you are able to fix the actual PS3 Ylod Flashing would be to fix this yourself utilizing a good PLAYSTATION 3 Repair manual.

Although there’s some danger as above since you do not know whether or even not it is wonderful for you a minimum of with this process you will get started within 5 minutes as well as all you need to do is take a look at past situation studies and obtain a guide having a good background.

I hope it’s helped explain what can cause the YLOD in your console and also you get installed and operating soon.

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