Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

If you are setting up your very first kitchen, then choosing the right appliances could be a little tough. A huge number of the best food processor, blenders and mixers is available out there that will only confuse you. It might seem like all the appliances perform similar functions so you can make do with any of it. However, nothing can be far from the truth. All these appliances are very specific in their functions and one cannot perform the task of another. That is why you need to give proper thought to all the appliances and there functions before you buy them.

The main thing you need to consider before buying a food preparatory appliance is the type of cooking you do. Whether you’ll be cooking for yourself only or for a family and if you will mostly be baking or making smoothies. The functions of different types of kitchen appliances are mentioned below so that you can know all about them and choose the right appliance for your kitchen.


Blenders are specific for mixing food with a liquid base. They are great for emulsifying mayonnaise and preparing puree and smoothies. Blenders can also blend frozen drinks and cocktail. The up point about blenders is that they are relatively cheap and perform basic functions easily. The design of blenders is convenient and easy to clean however, they can be a little noisy.

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are extremely specific in their function because they are mainly used in baking. You can knead dough, mix batter and whisk cream and eggs easily with the help of a stand mixer. They can be used to prepare large quantities of food as they can accommodate larger bowls. Stand mixers are a little expensive as compare to blenders and also have limited functionality.

Food Processors

Food processors are the most diverse when it comes to prep tasks. The best food processor can do the tedious and laborious food preparations easily and quickly. They are suited for slicing, grating, shredding and mixing doughs especially. They are best for people who make vegetables and fruits frequently and from the scratch. However, you cannot use processors to make smoothies. Some of the best food processor 2018 are reviewed on the net that features very accommodating functions which makes food processors the primary choice for people and their kitchens. The cost of food processors can vary depending on the size and functions.

Mini Choppers

Choppers are the appliances seen most frequently at any kitchen. Choppers comes in a wide range of sizes but mini choppers are the most suitable for everyday tasks. They are mostly used to slice up vegetables and fruits and chop few ingredients for the food. The best food processor can also do this task but people prefer mini choppers because of their size and convenience, a food processor is too large to use for small tasks. Mini choppers are fairly inexpensive and handy which makes them a favorite choice for kitchen appliances.

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