What are the different types of awning?

You might have an idea of what awning you want, but you will have to know what to look for before you can go any further. The majority of the awnings Camden categorize the various marquees in the same way. Read more about your options.

  • The wall mounted patio/ deck is the most common awning. They are attached to a wall and spread over a seating or smoking area.
  • Veranda awnings Camden is mounted on the wall like deck awning but it has a fixed design that is in place when the awning has been removed. They benefit from additional frontal support posts to offer additional stability.
  • Freestanding awning designs do not require wall assembly, as their name suggests. The structure is independent with an awning on the patio. Awnings that are freestanding are common in open spaces so that they can cover wide areas such as restaurants, swimming pool areas and lawns.
  • Conservatory awnings Camden has a unique structure mounted on an existing structure in the Conservatory. Internal designs offer under-glass shading, while external designs are mounted on them.
  • The vertical awnings Camden combines retractable awning technology with weather resistant awnings and are thus usually fitted outdoors but can also be installed internally.
  • Domestic and commercial awnings Camden are strong enough to cope with the conditions in tough Australian weather. Therefore, typical domestic products can be used also in the hospitality and retail sectors. It offers a unique opportunity to increase space for the floor, increase esthetic and increase awareness of brands.

Type of awning cassette

Full Cassette

The roll, fabric, and arm are all stored inside an integrated case when the awnings Camden is retracted. Full cassette designs provide the highest protection against rain, wind, frost, snow and dirt and vandalism.

Semi cassette

These awnings Camden are partly enclosed from open and full, usually from the sides, providing some protection from elements. Once retracted, the underside of the town is still open, but the facility is still well protected from rain, wind and snow.

Open cassette

There is no cassette enclosure on an open awning. An open tree marker provides a lightweight appearance if your garden already offers adequate protection.

Cover boards are usually mounted above the awnings Camden to the wall, it works as an overhang of the roof if you don’t have one already.

Operation Types

  • An electric motorised awnings Camden is a good choice for most people as the system is easy to operate. A tube is a space-saving shape, is clearly concealed within a barrel. It is connected to and operated through a switch or remote control device.
  • The ultimate comfort is provided by remote control. Features such as heating and lighting can also be controlled from remote control with multiple channels.
  • Sun or wind sensors are a further option to assist your auction. Sun sensors extend the awnings Camden so that it is always ready for the guests on a lovely day and wind sensors retract it to prevent damage to the mechanism.
  • The awning is operated with a crank handle with manual operation. You just attach your handle to the awnings Camden and turn to open the cover and close.

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