What Are The Causes Of Termites?

Usually termites get drawn to wood, however there can be few other factors that may lead to termite infestation too. In this post, let’s discuss about various causes of termites and what you can do about it.

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Subterranean termites build their colonies within the soil and can be attracted to moisture. Stagnant water around the home foundation may create an attractive environment for them to strive.

Therefore make sure to address any leaky pipes immediately, before the infestation of termites. You must also clean the roof gutters and take steps to ensure that there is proper drainage around the home.

Lastly, ensure that the foundation is ventilated properly. Remove or trim back any landscaping, which could allow humidity build up in spaces around the home.

Wood and any wooden structures which come into contact with ground

Even after getting the soil around the home properly treated by pest control specialist, remember even wood may serve as bridge between ground and the home to create an entry point for termites. Any wood which comes in contact with the home’s exterior can create an opportunity for termites to infiltrate inside your home.

Therefore remove vines, stumps, trellises, mulch or any other exterior wood e.g. stacked firewood which is in very close proximity to the home’s foundation, particularly if the home has any wooden siding. The roof can be also vulnerable to infestation of termite. So, trim back tree limbs, which are resting on the roof or touching any wooden structures e.g. eaves or window frames.

Openings of home’s foundation, walls, roof etc.

For search of food and moisture, termites may take advantage of certain breach in your home integrity. Even cracks in the concrete foundation may offer chances for subterranean termites to gather materials for construction of their own mud tubes and create tunnels in their foraging.

Time to time inspect the entry doors/windows of your home and reapply caulk if you find something distressed or missing. Check for any other defective or loose seals where plumbing lines or electrical conduit enter your home. Besides, if you know about damage to your shingles, eaves or fascia boards, get it repaired urgently.


You may reside in certain region that is particularly vulnerable to termite infestations. Certain places in the USA, too are very susceptible to termites and you can gain information about it from the internet. Even though few areas in the country have an increased presence of termite infestation, which results in spreading to more homes. Therefore never get your guards down but schedule regular inspection of your home.

Last but not the least, in case you do notice a termite damage which has never been repaired earlier, or if you suspect that your home is infested with termite then contact a professional termite control agency. They will send a technician, who will conduct an inspection and if detects termite then suggest ways to handle them.

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