Vademecum for perfect refurbishment

Where to start? This is the key question to ask before renovating your home. To get everything right, you need to know and respect the logical order of building structural works and prepare any bureaucratic practices for your project of edilizia

This organization is advantageous because it allows you to choose the best professionals you need, to do your work smoothly and to have a more serene work direction. But what are the most important points? Let’s find them together.

  1. Preliminary verification of the state of the sites

It is firstly essential to have an expert on a technical expertise on your property, because renovating a house means not only thinking about settling what is sighted, but also what is hidden.
Advice: it is important to draw up a technical report that illustrates the state of the places. Do not hesitate to contact an architect and / or a qualified professional so that you can advise you in advance about the decisions to be taken. A golden rule is always start working from structural interventions and, ultimately, intervening on interior and finish.

  1. Predispositions and structural interventions

It is the phase in which the protective sleeves are passed, the drains are made and all the precautions are taken for the electrical and hydraulic equipment. In addition, concrete floors of future floors are being built. At this point, it is strongly recommended to solve any problems with humidity, infiltration, and possible infestations. If the facade needs to be plastered, this is the right time to do it!

  1. The realization of the implants

After you have been working on the structural components, going to the realization and /or laying according to the plants and the sewerage system, and installing the boiler and the radiators. Do not hesitate to rely on a single professional (turnkey construction company) to make sure you do not miss out on anything.

  1. Thermic insulation

Among the most important interventions of a renovation, insulation works (external or internal walls, roof or attic, etc.) are often necessary although not always taken into account. It’s a shame because quality isolation guarantees excellent living comfort and is able to lighten your bills immediately.

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