The Three Main Steps to Getting Your Back Yard Ready for spring

The Three Main Steps to Getting Your Back Yard Ready for spring

As the days get longer, it’s time to get your backyard space ready for the warmer weather and fun that comes with springtime. You may be overwhelmed by all of the work that you need to do to make your yard a beautiful and relaxing place for yourself, your friends, family, and any guests that may come by. However, you shouldn’t stress over the need to get your yard in good shape. Instead, work systematically to clear out the old and make a space for the new. Then, sit back and relax and watch the flowers bloom.

1. Remove damaged branches and trees

Harsh winter weather can cause a lot of damage to trees and bushes in your yard. Getting rid up damages branches, tree limbs, and even whole trees can be a necessity, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for reasons of safety. Once you’ve removed the dangerous limbs and branches, turn them into firewood for yourself or any of your neighbors that have a fireplace. This is easy to do with an electric log splitter from a company like Lumber King Log Splitters. When winter comes around next year, you’ll be ready to stay warm all over again.

2. Clean up and mulch perennials

Take care of all of the bushes and shrubs that you already have by mulching them well and removing any damaged pieces. Rose bushes and other beautiful flowering perennials will need to be fertilized and pruned if they weren’t in the fall. Mulch with compost for perennials that need an extra boost and cover everything with natural woodchips to keep in moisture and help get rid of weeds. Don’t use plastic mulch, which stops water from getting to the roots and eventually decays into a dangerous material.

3. Plant annuals for the spring and summer

Get ready for the warmer weather by starting seasonal flowers from seed. Plant herbs like basil, cilantro, and spring onions to flavor your food. Plant a vegetable garden by starting seeds now, such as tomatoes, eggplants, corn, and beans. Plant flowers that you can cut and place on your dining room table, such as daisies, sweet williams, and sunflowers. Include native plants, which will attract native birds and insects, including bees and butterflies. Then, get a good seat outside and enjoy watching your yard come to life.

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