The Most Energy Saving Heater- Tankless Water Heater:

The boiler itself has a low-efficiency start and it is lowered over time by building up in its tank. It is also not designed to heat the water quickly into the tank. The rate that the heated water releases its heat through the pipes into the environment and the ability of the boiler to reheat the cooled water is not the same for most of the time. Often, the heat is degraded much faster than it is reheated. This causes the cooled water to be circulated continuously through the floor heating pipes. The result is that the heating system decreases more and more over time and it takes much longer to heat the environment. This degraded responsiveness not only lowers the level of comfort but also consumes more and more energy over time.

How does it work?

Now, how we will understand how is a Tankless water heater better for radiant heating? Well, let’s see how a Tankless water heater works. It has no tank and hence the term Tankless. There is no water that is always kept hot. The water is warmed “on the fly” as required. Water is fed and heated by a super-efficient heat exchanger. The water temperature is precisely adjusted to the selected temperature setting by setting the gas burner flame. Water temperature sensors monitor the water temperature and the Tankless Water Heater computer modulates the burner. This means that the water is never overheated or heated and so best Tankless water heater saves energy.

This means that irrespective of the heat dissipation rate of the pipes, the water is immediately heated to the set temperature due to the ability of the Tankless water heater to vary its heating flame and its output. The result is a very appealing system that can quickly replenish the lost heat in the pipes and thus heat up the floor quickly with floor heating

The traditional tank boiler is not able to do this because it cannot vary its flame intensity. A properly designed and installed system ensures comfortable and efficient floor heating which is controlled by a standard household thermostat. Unlike the provision of a fast heating behavior, the Hydronic system has allowed considerable energy savings for years which significantly reduces the operating costs of the under floor heating system.

Joseph Eichler, a renowned house builder, built many houses in Northern California and other parts of the country with very clear progressive features. One of these features was that these houses had a Hydronic system for heating with copper pipes placed in the floor for heating. The houses are widely known as Eichler Homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s and enjoy great popularity. Their old and usually worsened boiler systems can be revived with a new Tankless water heater technology with great efficiency and significantly improved performance.

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