The Best Home Security Systems That Will Take 2018 by Storm

Making the right choice when purchasing the right security system will be critical in giving you, your loved ones and your property protection. The world is increasingly becoming a more dangerous place to live with thefts and burglaries happening after every 13 seconds worldwide. From piercing alarm sounds to door and window sensors and motion detectors, technology has given birth to a wide variety of state-of-the-art integrated home security systems that will go a long way in the realization of a safer planet. Numerous companies such as security systems installation Houston have also emerged and specialized in the provision of these home security systems. In this article, we are going to highlight the most modern and efficient integrated home security systems that will take the real estate industry by storm in 2018.

Fortress SO2-B

This integrated home security system is the most ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises and homes. The Fortress SO2-B provides an excellent value to your money while the sensors and central unit are entirely programmable using state of the art and latest software that is currently available on the market. The Fortress comes complete with an auto-dialing machine that can be used to contact and communicate with up to six preset phone numbers in the event of an incident. The alarm is designed to be a 140dB which ensures that the people who are near your home gear the alarm immediately there is an intrusion. The inside part of the home is protected by 10 window/door magnetic contacts together with three motion detectors which are passive which come in handy when sensing movement in one of the rooms in your house. Another additional feature is a siren which is located outdoors which gives your neighbors and the surrounding environment even more awareness in case of an intrusion. 

OpLink Home8

The innovation and development of the wireless technology are growing at breakneck speed all thanks to the internet, the rise in DIY security popularity and applications development. The OpLink Home8 is powered by a simple installation process known as plug-and-play, and the service provider can install and activate the security system without having to add another pairing device. You can use your smartphone for connectivity which means that it is remotely operated 24/7 giving you notifications and alerts whenever there is an incident. Monthly contracts and fees are eliminated by the system’s ability to monitor itself because all you need to have a connection to your router is an optical processing unit. You can then proceed to download the application on your smartphone for either iOS or Android after the connection has been made and start the system customization by systematically putting the different sensors in place.

Vinker VK-12A

The Vinker Vk-12A is a home security system that is standalone which comes with an excellent budget solution that is also wireless for people who want to keep themselves protected. The system comes complete with an alarm system with 125 decibels with a flashing light that is red. The system also has an inbuilt battery that ensures that the system alert even when there is a power outage. The system is simple to understand and install with a maximum installation time of 30 minutes.


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