Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

Your garage door gets used frequently because it acts as one of the main entrances to your home. Your garage door, like other parts of your home, will show wear and tear with age and use. Unfortunately, unlike something simple like an interior door, a broken or faulty garage door is dangerous for your family. Identifying and fixing issues with your garage door is important to keep your family members and your possessions safe.

One of the most common problems you will encounter is a broken garage door spring. Your garage door springs play a vital role to the functionality of your door. That’s why you should never ignore an issue with one of your springs. Here are some signs that indicate you need a garage door repair service for broken springs.

Loose Cables

Loose cables are tell-tale signs of garage door broken springs. People confuse loose cables for a broken garage door, which is not the case. The door springs have a hard time functioning if the cables are slack or loose. The pressure produced by tension springs on your garage door keeps the cables well in place. However, when the springs break and fail to produce pressure, they unwind, and wires slip out.

Significant Gaps

If you notice a considerable gap in the coil, it’s time to get the door inspected. You can expect your door to stop functioning anytime if the gap is more than two inches wide. Fortunately, you can save your garage door by contacting professional repair services to fix the problem right away.

Strange Noises

The other visible sign of a broken garage door spring is strange noises when closing or opening the door. You should never overlook any strange sounds coming from your garage door. A loud bang while your door is not in motion is a sign of broken springs. In that case, call professionals, such as garage door repair Austin to replace the broken springs.

Crooked Door

Springs are supposed to pull when opening your garage door, but, when the springs are broken, you’ll notice that the door opens, but crookedly. You probably need to replace your door springs if it has uneven movements when closing or opening, or the door appears crooked when not in motion.

You should call a garage door repair professional

quickly if you notice any of these signs. The professional will inspect your garage door and let you know if you need a spring repair or replacement. You expose yourself to potential dangers such as falls when you take up a DIY project like this, rather than hiring an expert.

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