Scaffold Hire Health & Safety Issues For Homeowners

Scaffolding is one of the most used, common and necessary tools especially when it comes to home repairing and restructuring. Almost everybody gets scaffolding on hire whenever they start work on their home or on any other site. This is the safest way to get work done rather than using a ladder. But there are health and safety issues too regarding scaffold which homeowners usually ignore.

This article explains the necessity as well as the risks of the scaffold which people usually ignore. In result, they get a lot of disappointment and regrets for not knowing much about scaffold.

Health comes first

One of the major factors of scaffolding is safety. Of course, the scaffold is used because of its strong foundations and because it is safe and provides ease. But this is not always the case. Although scaffolding companies know much about the laws regarding health and safety.

They also have a list of things which can go wrong if you do not follow the safety rules. But this does not mean that these scaffolding companies stick to those laws. Even sometimes serious drawbacks are seen which can result in pretty bad injuries.

The first and foremost thing to keep a check on is the strength of scaffold. Either the scaffold can bear your weight, tools, and machines or not. It must be made sure before getting up on scaffold that it is tied properly to the property.

All the angles are correct and the support provided to the scaffold is enough for the work. Make sure that the scaffold pole shoes are placed finely. The weight is not on a single point but spread on short boards.

After securing the scaffold framework the next step is to check the boards. Make sure that all the scaffold boards are places on equal distance and they are given the necessary support.

The bolts on scaffold play an important role in the overall strength of scaffold. Ensure that all the bolts are tightly tied and none of them is lost. This may seem like a little thing but the harms a loose bolt can cause are beyond your imagination. You can end up in the hospital if any of the bolts are loose.  Sometimes, these bolts are tight on start but as you work on them they get loose because of constant vibration.

The scaffold must be placed on a flat service hence ensuring the overall balance. It must be secured with base plates. Lighter duty towers must not be used for heavy services and machinery. Besides, they must not be open to the free wind.

Special training is required to work on the scaffold. Make sure that the worker working on your site has completed his training thoroughly. For extra safety measures, handrails are used. Toe guards and edge protection are preferable to reduce the dangers of working at height


Security is Needed for Scaffolding

Burglars love scaffolding or hate it, but they have to do it for their job. Slowly they get used to the scaffold and they start treating every high they are from the ground they always treat it as if they are standing on the ground floor. But all these jobs require security. Every scaffold hire job requires a security alarm to be installed in it.

The pre-installed security alarm will surely cost a little more but it is very much vital for your safety, for your life and even for your job. How will you be able to work further if you are injured? Consequences of not using a security alarm are too much. But whose responsibility is this to have the security alarm pre-installed in it? The scaffold hire company? The worker? Or the homeowner. And who will face the serious consequences of not using a security alarm?

I am pretty sure that you have got my point. Before hiring a scaffold to discuss all the security measures and equipment availability with your scaffold hire company or the builder. This will save you from serious crime scenes and lots of injuries.

On easier, lower or smaller takes, builders remove the access ladder from scaffolding after work. Although this increases their work this is a good practice. All the ropes and pipes must be taken up from the floor in order to avoid any kind of harm.


The scaffold is one of the most used, reliable and safest things. They come in all shapes, sizes and made up of different metals. This provides builders with options so that they can choose a better scaffold-related to their services.

Ensure the size, strength and safety tools of scaffolding hire services meet your required needs. You can check UK scaffolding costs from the internet. Various companies offer the same services at different costs. Hire the most affordable scaffolding service.

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