New Build or Old House: What Type of Property Is Perfect for You

Choosing the type of home that you want to live in is a huge decision. Yet, not everyone takes the time to work out whether they would prefer to go for a new build house or an older property.

So, which of these options would be ideal for your future. There are a few different factors to take into account that will help to make sure that you get the property of your dreams.

The Size of the Property

One of the first issues to spring to mind is that of the size of the property. While it isn’t always the case, it is certainly common for new build houses to be smaller than older properties.

This can be especially true in the outdoor spaces, with older properties often having rambling gardens. On the other hand, a new house will possibly be more tightly designed and make the best use of the available space.

A good idea to get you started is to look at some new home builder reviews. In this way, you can see which builders offer the most spacious homes that could best match your needs.

The location will also be important in this respect, as an inner city house is far less likely to have a lot of space than one out in the countryside.

The Feeling of Being the First Owner

Just as there is something special about getting a new car straight from the dealer, there is also a tremendous amount of joy to be had from being the very first owner of a newly built house.

The day that you get the keys and become the very first person to live here will be a special moment for you. Alternatively, you might like the feeling of living somewhere that has a lot of history attached to it and a fair degree of character.

As we can already see, there are different ways of viewing each of the most important points in this debate. Therefore, it makes sense to think about each of them in turn in order to make a sound decision that you don’t regret later on.

An Established Neighbourhood or a New Development

The next point is around whether you prefer the idea of living in an established neighbourhood or a new development. Do you like the thought of moving in and finding neighbours who have been there for years, or would you prefer to help build up a new community?

As with the previous points, there is no right or wrong answer. It simply comes down to which of the options most appeals to you.

A smart move here could be to spend some time around the neighbourhoods before you make a decision. Is there one that simply feels right to you after you check it out at different times of day?

Start a Garden or Get One That Is Mature

Another big factor could be whether you want a mature garden or you would rather start one up yourself. An older property may have a lovely grassy area with plants and even trees in it.

A new home is likely to come with a patch of ground that you need to build a garden on from scratch. Of course, this is great news if you love gardening but not so good if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Again, it all comes down to your personal preference and how much work you picture yourself doing there.

The Maintenance Issues

Finally, do you like the idea of tinkering around in an older property fixing and upgrading things? Or perhaps you would rather move straight in to a new home that has no maintenance issues at all?

You could check a few of the house builder reviews that people have left in order to work out which builders have the best reputation for building homes that don’t cause any problems. Having said that, you would expect any decent builder to sort out any problems under the guarantee anyway.

Obviously there are some people who love the challenge of getting to grips with the problems they inherit in an older house. This is a fun hobby if you enjoy this sort of thing but it clearly isn’t right for everyone.

Bearing all of that in mind, it is clear that each of us needs to come to our own decision in this respect by weighing up the different factors. By choosing the right type of property you will get a place to be proud of and that you thoroughly enjoy living in.

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New Build or Old House: What Type of Property Is Perfect for You

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