Landscape Lighting: Things to Consider

If you’ve gone through the trouble of installing an attractive landscape or renovating the exterior of your home, outdoor lighting can be a great way to show off your property at night. Installing landscape lighting also represents a good investment by raising the resale value of your property. Before you get started on your project, there are a number of things to take into consideration.

What are Your Goals?

For some homeowners, the main appeal of exterior lighting is that it can make their property more safe and secure. A well-light yard can deter burglars and decrease the chances of tripping in the dark. Light can also increase the curb appeal of your property. Placing fixtures in certain areas allows you to display certain architectural or landscape features.

Which Areas Do You Want to Illuminate?

Once you’ve determined your goals, it’s easier to figure out which areas of your landscape to illuminate. Having lights near the front door and along the main pathways into your home can increase safety. Lighting these areas will be good for guests who are unfamiliar with your landscape. Lighting up the back porches means that you can enjoy spending more time outside in the evenings.

Do You Want to Save Energy?

LED lights are a more energy-efficient choice than incandescent lights. Choosing LEDs will help you ensure that your electricity bill doesn’t get too high. These lights require less voltage, so there’s not as much wiring work involved in their installation.

What Type of Lights Do You Need?

There are many types of landscape lights on the market. Path lights are a practical way to light up your walkways, making them safer. Well lights, which are buried under the ground, can accentuate certain plants or other landscape features. Downlights, meanwhile, are great for illuminating large portions of your yard.

By considering the different elements of your project beforehand, you’re more likely to end up with a finished result that matches your expectations. When searching for landscape lighting Overland Park, you’ll want to choose a company like Rensen House of Lights that offers a diverse variety of high-quality light fixtures. A lighting professional can help you make selections based on your priorities and budget.

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